style wise

The summer after I turned 20 I was enjoying my second year of being an EFY counselor. I had the opportunity to work with youth ages 14-18, primarily young women.  Throughout the week we were very strict on modesty. The youth had to follow the guidelines of dress and appearance as stated in the For The Strength of Youth.  As I worked with my girls and explained the importance of dressing modestly, (not only while they were at EFY but everyday), I began to feel like a bit of a hypocrite. 
All my life I was raised to dress modestly, and for the most part I had. It was only within the last few years that I had started wearing short shorts. I knew that if I was going to teach these girls about the importance of dressing modestly and respecting their bodies, I should too. That night I went home and got rid of all my clothes that didn't fit the guidelines stated in the For The Strength of Youth.  When I spoke with my mom about this she was very pleased and she said, "I have been telling you this forever." While that was true, it had to be my decision for it to truly work. I knew I should be dressing modestly but I needed to be the one to choose to do it. 
As I began dressing modestly I felt empowered and confident. Sure, I had some cute clothes that I could no longer wear, but I knew I was doing the right thing. Over time I began to feel more and more confident. I had a respect for myself that I had never felt before. There was never a day that I regretted my decision.   
There were however days where I would go out with friends and they got more attention from guys than I did. Yes, at times it got annoying, until I realized, that wasn't the kind of attention I wanted. I knew that when I used to wear more revealing clothing I got TONS of attention from guys... but it was all the wrong kind of attention. I wasn't respected, I was an object to look at. Now when I get "attention", more often than not, it is the good kind. The guys I have associated with since I made the decision to dress modestly have been truly incredible young men who have not only supported my decision but respected me more for doing so.   
I am a firm believer in the importance of dressing modestly. I feel so strongly about it because I didn't always dress this way. I know how I felt before and why I dressed the way I did... Knowing how confident I became through choosing to respect myself I would never go back.  I am here to tell you that it is not only possible to dress modestly and still look stylish, the confidence and self-respect that comes with it is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.   
While at the time, choosing to change my wardrobe and dress more modestly seemed like a small decision, it has completely changed my life.  I promise if you choose to make this choice to dress modestly and STYLE WISE that you will be blessed beyond comprehension.   
Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I would love to hear from you!