Saturday, January 21, 2017


It's a super snowy and cold Saturday morning. Any plans I had have been put aside and I'm staying in. I decide to go through all my old emails in an attempt to get organized while catching up on "The Bachelor". I haven't seen any of the episodes yet from this season so I figured today would be a perfect day to indulge. 

Now, normally I have really enjoyed the Bachelor. I don't think I would go as far as saying that I am a fan, but I have always found it interesting and just like a car crash, it's hard to look away. 

I set up my laptop next to my other computer so I could watch while organizing my emails. The "plan" was to watch until I was caught up... I know... don't judge. And as I watched I would surely be able to get quite a bit done... after all, that is a lot of TV time to catch up on. 

I watched. I couldn't look away. It draws you in. As these shows are supposed to. 

Guess how many emails I got through. 


Yep. That's it. 

Now, in my defense, I only watched the first episode. Once I realized that I would not be able to be any type of productive while watching, I closed my laptop and focused 100% on the task at hand. 

Surprise, surprise, I got significantly more done. 

Now anyone who knows anything at all about "productivity" knows that multitasking is not beneficial in the least. This is nothing new. I should have known that reading through important emails while binge watching the Bachelor would not have been successful. 

But... this is not all this post is about... I learned something else today. Something much more profound. 

As I closed the laptop I had a thought come into my head. 

You know... those thoughts that you like to pretend you never had. The ones where you know you should listen... but... listening requires change. 

"Stop watching the Bachelor." 

This thought seemed kinda silly since I had literally just closed my laptop and stopped watching. But I knew this is not all the thought was... It wasn't for the moment. It was for good. 

I pushed the thought aside. Let's be honest. I enjoy the Bachelor. It's entertaining. It's one of the very few shows I really actually like watching. 

However... it always leaves me feeling the same. 


It doesn't inspire me. It doesn't lift me up. It doesn't teach me anything worthwhile or leave me feeling better than I did before. 

After watching today, I felt... yucky. 

Now. Don't get me wrong. If you absolutely LOVE the Bachelor, yay for you! This post is not intended to make people stop watching or enjoying the Bachelor.  

The Bachelor was my kryptonite. I didn't really realize it until today. I have wasted so many hours watching this reality TV show when instead, I could have been living my own reality. You know, the reality that is actually real. 

As I watched the "sneak peaks" of the upcoming season I realized that there was nothing really worth watching. I realized that something I used to enjoy, now actually made me a little sick inside. I realized that there are millions of other things that are far more worthy of my time. 

Life is so short. Why do we waste time doing anything that is not uplifting, encouraging, or helping us to grow. 

If the Bachelor makes you feel like you are a better person after watching, more power to you! I have not been so fortunate. I realized today, that as much as I might "think" I enjoy watching it, the reality is that nothing positive is coming from it. 

In order to stop wasting precious time, being more productive and focused, and continuing to feel uplifted and inspired, eliminating the Bachelor is something that I have chosen to do. 

And guess what? IT'S EMPOWERING. 

I have chosen to say "no" to something that doesn't help me improve. I have chosen to say "no" to something that no longer serves a purpose in my life. I have chosen to say "no" to something that is nothing other than a time waster that leaves me feeling yucky inside. 

But it's not just the Bachelor. There are so many things that we fill our lives with that are not only not productive, but are also potentially detrimental to our overall wellbeing and self-worth. Be willing to say "no" to anything that does not leave you better than you were before. Be willing to say "no" to anything that does not help you to improve. Be willing to say "no" to anything that is getting in the way of you understanding and recognizing your true worth. 

What are you wasting too much time doing? 

What are you continuing to do even though it only seems to leave you feeling empty inside? 

What is your "kryptonite" and how can you overcome it? 

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