Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This year the theme for BE WISE is "More Precious Than Rubies" inspired from the scripture in Proverbs 3:15

You, yes YOU, are truly more precious than rubies. However, we live in a world that often causes us to question our worth. We are bombarded with countless opportunities to compare ourselves to others and lose sight of our worth. 

With social media so accessible, we are just one click away from feeling like the person we are just simply isn't enough. With advertising companies that prey on our insecurities to make a sale, it's no wonder we don't recognize our infinite worth. 

At BE WISE, we are determined to fight back against the lies that society has thrown at us while providing you with truth. The truth of who you really are. The truth of how much you are worth. And the truth of the reality that you, our beautiful friend, really truly are far more precious than rubies. 

If you are committed to finally recognizing your own infinite worth, then you are in the right place. We have set up a year long program, designed with that purpose in mind; helping you recognize your worth: The BE WISE "More Precious Than Rubies" Program

The first step to recognizing your worth is... making a firm decision to work consistently to recognizing your worth. It might not happen immediately (in fact, it most likely won't). But, if you are committed to consistently striving to recognize and understand your worth, you will be far more likely to achieve it. 

With this program, the hard part is done for you. We have done all the research, created all the workbooks, magazines, and courses. All you have to do is stay committed. 

The first section of this program is dedicated to HEALTH + FITNESS. During January, February, and March we will be covering topics that will help you use health + fitness to recognize and feel of your worth. 

Believe it or not, taking care of our physical bodies can have  a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves overall. The more we take care of our bodies, the more we will value and respect them. The more we value and respect our bodies, the more we are able to feel of and recognize our worth. 

With the new year, many people (maybe even yourself included) have already set resolutions to "get in shape". While the goal of getting in shape isn't a bad one, we hope that as you strive to develop habits of good health + fitness, you will focus more on "loving and appreciating" your body, than "fixing" your body. As you exercise and eat well, we hope that you do so out of respect for body, not out of resentment towards your body. 

How can you better care for and appreciate the body you already have? How can you learn to recognize your worth by caring for and respecting your body? Use these questions as a starting point to setting your own goals of health + fitness. 

Without setting any goals, the likelihood of anything changing is slim. Take some time to really ponder what you would like to work on and improve and then set your own goals. (Keep in mind, the whole idea is to help us LOVE our bodies, not RESENT our bodies).

We have created WORKBOOKS to help you throughout this journey. To download all of the "More Precious Than Rubies" HEALTH + FITNESS Workbooks, click HERE. Start with the "Goal Setting" workbook this week.

To learn more about "More Precious Than Rubies" and to get the most out of this program, check out our website HERE


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