Wednesday, May 4, 2016


"Why have you still not given up on me?" 

This is a phrase that I hear often from my students at work. My response is always the same... "Because I believe in you."

Everyday I have the opportunity to help many outstanding young people recognize their worth and potential as I strive to push them towards the path of success. I see infinite good in them. I see endless potential. I genuinely believe in them. 

Each time that I tell a student I believe in them and advocate for their success, I can't help but think of MY advocate; the Savior. He is the one person who knows me perfectly. The one who sees my potential despite my flaws. The one who gave everything to save me. When I lose sight of who I really am, He sees me. When I am discouraged, He builds me. When I let Him down, over and over, He stands by me.  While I might stray, He never leaves my side. 

He will not give up on me. He believes in me.  

Regardless of your current situation, despite your shortcomings, Christ is on YOUR side. Everything you are feeling, He has felt. The pain, the fear, the stress, the anxiety... He knows. He has been there. When you feel like all is lost, He is reaching out. Lean on Him. Trust in Him.  When you feel like giving up, remember He believes in you. He does not give up.  

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