Monday, January 11, 2016


I want you to imagine learning how to ride a bike. Maybe you had a parent teach you, a friend, or maybe you learned on your own. Whatever the case, I want you to try and think back to that time in your life as I share my own experience. 
I can vividly remember my own father taking me to the church parking lot to practice and learn how to ride a bike. I remember feeling pretty apprehensive about the situation out of fear that I might fall. I am known to have a very low tolerance for pain so the possibility of getting hurt weighed heavily on my mind. 
As my dad taught me he would start by holding me up, staying very close in case I got off balance. However, as I got better, he would slowly let me go. I remember the insecure feelings I felt as I began riding on my own. At first I was pretty wobbly. I can remember my heart racing as I could feel myself beginning to tip. What I don't remember was ever completely falling over. Although I didn't always see him, I knew my dad was close. Every time I felt like I might crash, my dad was right there to catch me. 
Although I am sure it took some time and patience on my dad's part, I never remember him being frustrated or upset when I lost my balance. He was always there, ready to catch me. I imagine there might have been times where I was too scared to keep trying and wanted to give up. However, my dad never gave up on me. No matter how many times I "lost my balance" he was there. He believed in me. 
Just like my dad, or any parent who teaches their kids to ride a bike, Heavenly Father is right there ready to catch us when we feel "wobbly". I couldn't always see my dad, but I knew he was there. Throughout our Earthly lives, we won't be able to physically see our father in heaven, but as we trust and lean on Him, we can know He is there. 
When I finally "got it" and was able to ride a bike, my dad was proud. It didn't matter how many times I lost my balance, it didn't matter if I fell. I got back up. I kept trying. And eventually I "got it". Not once has my dad ever said, "Well, you were pretty wobbly at first", or, "Eh, you fell down ____ many times, so it doesn't really matter that you can ride now." All that matters is that I can ride a bike. The wobbles and crashes that happened in the process of learning are irrelevant. 
Throughout our lives we are going to feel "wobbly", we might even "fall" or "crash". The good news is, Heavenly Father is always there to hold us up, or if need be, pick us up. He doesn't care how many times we fall, as long as we keep getting up. He doesn't want us feeling weighed down by our fears or past mistakes. He wants us to keep moving forward. Just like we must keep moving on a bike to avoid falling, in life it is the same. Keep moving forward, don't quit. And if you fall, keep getting up

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