Friday, November 13, 2015


If someone told you they knew how to find the answers to all your deepest questions and concerns, would you be intrigued? If someone told you there was a way to find peace and comfort during any trial or hardship, would you be curious? If someone told you there was a way for you to discover your purpose and recognize your potential, would you want to know more?  
Well, today I am that “someone” and the “way” might be a whole lot more simple than you would anticipate. 
The answers to all your questions, peace and comfort, and the discovery of who you are and your full potential can all be found in one place. Drum roll please.... The scriptures. Too obvious? Too simple? Test me and try it. There is so much treasure to be found in these books. If you sincerely desire to find answers, peace, comfort and discover your purpose, you will find it as you regularly read and ponder the words of the scriptures. 
What treasure have you found while studying the scriptures?  
Also, if you haven’t already, check out our BE WISE Journal HERE to improve your scripture study. 

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