Friday, August 21, 2015


Think of a specific time where you had one of your prayers answered. How did you feel? Did it strengthen your faith? I know the answered prayers that I have received were huge building blocks in developing my faith and testimony to where it is today. 
Now I want you to think of a time where you felt as if your prayers were not being answered. How did you feel? Did it shake your faith? 
Christ preformed countless miracles during His life on Earth, many of which His apostles were witnesses of. In Luke 8 we learn about Christ "calming the tempest". His apostles were afraid that they might “perish” because of the storm at sea.  
23 "But as they sailed he fell asleep: and there came down a storm of wind on the lake; and they were filled with water, and were in jeopardy. 24 And they came to him, and awoke him, saying, Master, master, we perish. Then he arose, and rebuked the wind and the raging of the water: and they ceased, and there was a calm.” 
After calming the storm, Christ says in verse 25“Where is your faith?” 
The apostles had witnessed time and time again Christ performing miracles and being an answer to prayer, yet in the middle of the storm, they lost their faith. 
Now you might currently be enduring your own personal “storm”. Just like the apostles, you might be feeling as if you won’t make it through. During the most difficult “tempests” of our lives, we cannot lose our faith. In the midst of your trial, do not forget about all the prayers that have already been answered for you. Christ will not leave you comfortless. He will not abandon you. If you turn to Him, He will calm the storms in your own life. 

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