Sunday, August 2, 2015


Before my little brother left on his mission, we went over to spend some time with my aunt and uncle. My uncle shared with us, and my brother in particular, lots of great mission advice. One of the points really stuck with me. He talked about the importance of obedience. He expressed how following rules leads to blessings. He went on to say, “If you need more blessings, follow the rules more closely.” 
This is obviously great advice for a young man about to leave for his mission, but it was also very meaningful for me and my own life. I am not going on a mission, however, I don’t know anyone who couldn’t use a few extra blessings here and there, am I right?  
If you desire to receive blessings, the best way to guarantee this happens is by living the “rules” more closely.  
Here are some examples. 
You are trying to get a promotion at work. You love your job and don’t want to quit, but could really use the extra money. You pray constantly hoping to receive this blessing. However, it’s been some time since you went to church. And to be honest, you can’t really even remember the last time you payed your tithing... But you justify it by thinking, “I’m not doing anything bad, so therefore I'm being good."
You pray and pray to find "the one”, the love of your life and the person you hope to spend all eternity with. You’re praying, reading your scriptures and attending all your church meetings. You feel like you’re being pretty good. But, you aren’t living the Law of Chastity as well as you could and you justify your behavior because you’re not doing anything that bad. 
Now what if instead of justifying your behavior that truly wasn’t "that bad”, or assuming that because you’re not doing anything wrong that you are being good, you sincerely strived to live the "rules" exactly. 
How do you think your life would be blessed? Do you think it would make a difference?  
I can promise you that it will. But here is the catch. Not all blessings always correspond with their particular rule. 
Here is what I mean... If you start paying your tithing, you still might not get that promotion you were hoping for. However, you will still be blessed. Instead of that promotion, you might actually end up going on a perfect date, that turned into a few more perfect dates, that eventually led you to that eternal marriage you were praying for.  
God hears your prayers. All of them. He is completely mindful of you and He will always answer your prayers. You might not receive exactly what you want, but you will always receive exactly what you need.  If you live the “rules” more closely, your life truly will be blessed.  

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