Thursday, July 30, 2015


I am rarely ever not “busy”. I truly cannot remember the last time I was bored. I simply don’t have time for boredom. I also often fall into the trap of feeling like I am being productive and/or accomplishing great things, because I am always so busy. In fact, I used to even pride myself in that, until recently...  
Do you ever get so caught up in whatever it is you are doing, that you forget the things that are truly important? I often find myself needing to take a step back and simply prioritize. 
For example, just a few weeks ago, right before my little brother left on his mission, I was working on writing a blog post (about him actually) when he came in and asked if I would come and play a game with him. My first instinct  was to say no. I mean, after all, I was busy right? Then it hit me, was I really about to risk precious time with my brother right before he left, just so I could finish up a blog post all about him leaving? Sounds kind of silly right? 
Example number 2 happened just a week ago. I was home alone and working really hard on the BE WISE Magazine website. Then my cute dad came home asking me if I would go to Lowe’s with him. I guess I seemed a little uninterested because he even threw in getting a treat after. Once again, my first instinct was to say no, I was simply too busy. But then I thought about it... My website editing would still be there when I got home and BE WISE will still go on EVEN if I take an hour break to go hang out with my dad. 
My last example happened awhile ago but it might honestly be the one that hit me the hardest. It was a Saturday morning and I woke up extra early to get some things done for BE WISE. I was right in the middle of writing a blog post when my sweet dad came into my room and told me to hurry up and get dressed because we were going to go and mow an elderly lady’s lawn. Typical Ceciley, my response was “I am too busy”. I can’t possibly go right now. Then it was as if I had been smacked in the face with reality... I realized how hypocritical I was being. The truth is, I was “too busy” to go and serve, because I was in the middle of writing a blog post ABOUT serving. As soon as that realization hit, I was up and out the door with my dad.   
It is a little embarrassing that it has taken me this long (and this many times) to realize what is truly important. Yes my magazine is important. Yes my blog is important. Yes my desire to inspire and uplift others is important. However, there is a time and a place for all of that. Nothing should be more important than spending time with my family. Nothing should keep me “so busy” that I “don’t have time” to serve. Stop the glorification of busy. Simply being busy, does not always mean productive. Focus on what is truly important. If that means taking a break from work to spend time with loved ones or to serve others, then do it. This life is too short to be busy with the wrong things.   
What do you do to keep prioritized and avoid being unnecessarily busy?

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