Saturday, July 25, 2015


Recently I had two very simple experiences that had a very profound impact on me. 
The first experience took place at a Bee’s Baseball game. I was invited by a friend to with her and her ward. I felt a little bit out of my comfort zone. I mean, it wasn’t my ward and I wouldn’t know anyone. But still I was excited and I went. As soon as we arrived to the group, I heard my name called out. I looked up and it was a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for awhile. Just a few short seconds later my name was called again by another friend who I had recently met. Both seemed genuinely happy to see me.   
Now, I am sure you are reading this thinking... “Really Ceciley? That’s it? That sort of thing happens all the time.”  And while that might be true, this time was different for me. It was different because those girls had no idea that I had already been slightly nervous to come. They had no idea that I had already been having a less than fantastic day. Most importantly, they had no idea that simply yelling my name and being excited to see me had a dramatic impact on the rest of my night.   
Experience number two happened about a month ago when I got a letter in the mail from one of my “Featured Bloggers” from the last issue of BE WISE Magazine. The letter was handmade and simply expressed how thankful she was to have been featured in my magazine. Once again, this girl had no idea how much I needed that simple gesture. Just one week prior I had been feeling really discouraged about the magazine and even a little burned out. I wondered if it was really making a difference. It can be really hard spending hundreds of hours producing a magazine if you feel like it isn’t making an impact. When I received her letter it was honestly like an answer to prayer. 
All three of these girls did something very simple, yet all three had a huge impact on me. Simply being recognized as I showed up to a baseball game changed my entire attitude and outlook on that night. Receiving a letter in the mail (not a text or an email) showed true and sincere gratitude. The fact that this sweet girl took the time to make a card and actually mail it to my house meant the world to me. 
With these two experiences I learned how much kindness really matters but also how easy it is to potentially make someone’s day. I challenge you to look for ways to be kind to others. Show them that you really genuinely care. Let someone know that you appreciate them. You might not know how much good it will do. 
When has a simple act of kindness had a profound impact on you?

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