Thursday, May 7, 2015


They say people teach what they need to learn. Now, I may not be a teacher in the formal sense of the word, but I still have found this statement to be true in my own life. 
I am one who struggles with insecurities, doubts, worries and fears. I have very real battles with understanding and realizing my own worth. Yet, I am the owner and creator of a blog and online magazine with the sole purpose of uplifting and promoting self-worth. 
I am one who struggles with feelings of defeat and discouragement. At times I have even felt as though I had no power or control over my own life. And yet, I am the youth advocate at a high school where my main goal is to empower my students, lead them to success, and motivate them to never give up.   
With all this being said, it  almost seems as if my entire life is a paradox. Who am I to think I am qualified to “teach” self-worth, empowerment, overcoming obstacles, or dealing with insecurities when I have my very own? Right? Wrong. Actually, the real question is, who am I to not? 
If you have feelings of low self-worth than one of the best things you can possibly do is promote the importance of understanding worth. I have gained more confidence and been better able to accurately see and understand my own worth as I have studied and “taught” the topic. When I have looked for ways to lift others up and help them feel of their own worth, I in turn have felt of mine. 
I have learned more about setting and accomplishing goals as I have taught the concept to my students at work than I ever could have hoped to on my own. I have experienced very real situations where I was able to empower myself and take control over my own life as I have worked with my students in taking control of theirs. 
Do you struggle with insecurities? Do you feel “unqualified”? Do you think that because of your own imperfections you are less likely to make a difference? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you my friend are EXACTLY the person qualified to make a difference. It is through your imperfections you are more likely to become humble and teachable. Those who are both humble and teachable have a major advantage in growing, progressing, and influencing, over those who are not. YOU are perfectly qualified. YOU have what it takes to make a difference. 
I have such a strong desire to empower others because I know what its like to feel powerless. It is because I have experienced feelings of doubt and insecurity that I understand how real it can be. Do not give up because you feel like you are not “enough”. As I have strived to “teach” others these principles, I personally have gained more knowledge of them. 
As you learn to embrace your imperfections and allow your weaknesses to become strengths, remember YOU are enough. 

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