Thursday, March 26, 2015


What is your purpose? 
Each one of us is here on Earth at a very specific time for a very specific reason. You might not know exactly what your purpose is, however it is vital that you understand that you have a purpose.   
Each of us has been blessed with different skills, interests, and talents that make us unique and because of this each of our “purposes” will likely look different. I am not good at math. Even a little bit. My purpose in life is definitely not to be an engineer, math teacher, or really anything that involves much calculating. However, as much as I hate math, I am incredibly grateful that there are people who enjoy it. I’ll gladly leave all the numbers to them. 
Our Heavenly Father created a plan for each of us. He knows our potential and what we are capable of accomplishing. He knows each of our unique talents and interests and wants us to use them to find our purpose in life. He wants nothing more than for us to be happy, not only while we are here on this Earth, but for eternity. He has offered us loving direction and guidance to lead us happily and safely through our journey.
On the other hand, there is someone who wants exactly the opposite. Satan does not want you to be happy. Satan wants to skew your perception not only of the world around you, but also the way that you view yourself. He may not be able to tempt you to do anything drastically wrong, and if this is the case he starts working on you in different ways. He will cause you to doubt yourself and your worth. He will make you lose sight of your purpose and potential. He may even try convince you that you are not good enough or cause you to compare yourself to others. 
Do not let him win.  
Understand that YOU ARE VALUABLE. YOU truly matter. YOU are of worth and nothing you do can ever change that. You will always be a child of God with a divine purpose. Satan knows your worth. He knows what you are capable of achieving and he will stop at no end to halt your progression. 
Be determined. Fight for your purpose. If you don’t know what that purpose is, pray to find out. Heavenly Father wants you to know who you are. He wants you to know and understand your own unique and personalized purpose here on Earth. He wants you to BE all that you are capable of being. Never allow Satan’s lies to become stumbling blocks in your path of discovering your true worth.  

"Be fixed in your purpose, for Satan will try you;
The weight of your calling he perfectly knows.”
(HYMN 266 “The Time Is Far Spent”) 

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