Sunday, March 1, 2015


Have you ever felt overwhelmed? 
Have you ever wondered if you are making the best choices for your life? 
Do you have lofty dreams and goals but just aren’t quite sure how to reach them? 
For some reason, today I have felt all these emotions and had each of these questions run through my mind. I have pondered on where I am right now in my life and where I would like to be. I have questioned if I am making all the right choices to accomplish my goals. I have stressed about my future; jobs, money, relationships etc. 
I began worrying so much about what is to come that I started losing sight of what is happening right now. I even began comparing myself and my own journey to all those I observed on social media. (Word to the wise: Don’t browse instagram on days you aren’t feeling super great about yourself.) 
It’s embarrassing to admit, but I truly started feeling kind of down and extremely overwhelmed. Nothing about my current circumstances changed, but my attitude did. I began worrying more than trusting. I allowed myself to become discouraged. 
As I continued sulking during my self-inflicted pity party, one of my very favorite songs came on. (Shared at bottom of post). It is amazing what power music can have on our mood. Almost instantly, my attitude changed. I realized that I was stressing so much because I was relying on my own knowledge and skills. I wasn’t including my all-knowing, Heavenly Father.
This is my dad. I think it is safe to say that I was blessed to be the daughter of the absolute greatest man to ever live. After years of heartache, prayers, and anticipation I was welcomed to this Earth by the most loving and capable parents. They were more than ready to be my Mom and Dad. They had prepared and knew how to raise me. 
I love this photo of me looking up at my dad. I clearly was not ready to take care of myself. I needed parents to do that for me. I had no real control over what happened to me, I just had to trust that my parents knew what was best. Luckily for me, they did. I am their daughter and they want want is best for me. As I grew older I began making my own choices, still often influenced by the example and teachings of my parents. At 24 years old I am still seeking the guidance and approval of my mom and dad. They have guided me this far and shown me a path that leads to happiness.  
Each of us has a Father who is ready, willing and prepared to guide us. He is all-knowing and loves us more than we can comprehend. Just like I am looking up in this photo to my Earthly father, each of us needs to "look up” to our Father in Heaven. He has a plan for each of us. It is marked out with our own personal stepping stones and even road blocks. No ones journey will look the same, there is not a “One-Size-Fits-All” plan. 
Heavenly Father will lead you along the course of your own life. He will be there to help you make decisions that will move you along on the right path. However, He also expects us to make our own decisions. We are required to use our agency to grow and to learn while we are here on Earth. That’s the whole purpose of this life. If Heavenly Father told us exactly what we should do, exactly when we should do it, and we never made any of our own choices it would minimize the use of our agency.  “I teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves.” - Joseph Smith 
My parents had to make decisions for me when I was a baby, as did yours. As I grew older it was time for me to begin making my own. Through all my choices and personal experiences (good or bad) I have learned and grown into who I am today. Heavenly Father has been there every step of my journey and He will continue cheering me on and guiding me just as He will for you. He will help direct you in making the right choices for your life, however, there will also be times when He will expect you to make a decision for yourself. 
I might not have my whole life figured out and that is OKAY. I know that as long as I am doing the best that I can and I am following the loving promptings offered by not only my Earthly parents but my Father in Heaven, everything will work out exactly the way that it should. I am HIS daughter and I can trust in Him to guide my path as long as I am willing to “LOOK UP". When you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed, remember to “look up” and trust in Him. When we "look up", we have no need to fear.

How has “Looking Up” blessed your life?

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