Monday, March 30, 2015


Recently I had two adorable neighbor girls come over to bring me a bouquet of flowers they had picked out special for me. Once they arrived at my house they proudly handed over the beautiful arrangement... of dandelions. 
We quickly put them into a vase of water to assure they wouldn’t die. I giggled to myself thinking about protecting the life of a weed. However, to these darling young girls, they were not weeds. They were magnificent flowers. 
How often do we look at what we have been “handed” in our own lives and feel like we have received a bunch of "weeds”? Just this week I was scrolling down my Instagram newsfeed feeling like my life was a pile of weeds compared to the lavish "fields of blossoms” I was viewing. 
One account in particular left me feeling a little, ok super jealous. There were images of this girl on her private jet, her recent vacation to Thailand, her “all organic” breakfast, fantastic legs, and expensive shoes. I couldn’t help but feel like she was far ahead of me in the game of life. I mean, at my age she had already accomplished more than I could even dream of. 
These two scenarios have taught me a few things... 
1. It’s all about perspective. What most of us might see as weeds, my darling little neighbors saw as gorgeous flowers. Life truly is so much about perspective. If you are constantly looking for the negative you are bound to find it. However if you choose to look for the good, those “weeds” in your life might soon appear to be “flowers”.
2. The trials you are living through right now might seem to be nothing more than yucky weeds, but in reality its through our trials that we are best able to learn and grow. If everything in life was perfect and beautiful we would never be required to stretch. It’s through the “weeds” of life that we are able to become the outstanding creations we were meant to become. 
3. Just as I was feeling quite envious “viewing” this perfect stranger’s life, there may be some people out there who are just as envious of the life they perceive that I am living through my own social media. (Again, perspective). All we see are the highlights of everyone else’s lives and we compare that to everything we know about our own, (even the not so perfect parts). Don’t compare your “weeds” to someone else’s “flowers”. We ALL have our own weeds, even when we can’t see them. Instead of being envious of the “perfect” parts you see in the lives of others, focus on your own. They are there, whether you believe it or not, they are. We have all been so blessed. Sometimes it just requires recognizing our blessings as blessings to realize it. 
Your life might feel like its completely full of weeds right now. You might be looking around at all the stunning gardens other people are producing wishing that yours looked different. Quit it. Quit comparing. Stop envying. Just start blooming. If you have weeds you need to pluck out from your life then do it. If your garden needs some watering, start watering. If there are trials that you can’t eliminate then allow them to allow you to grow. If all you see when you evaluate your life are weeds then it might be time to change your perspective. Stop comparing and start blooming. Remember, the grass is always greener where you water it
What “weeds” have you had in your life that you later realized were really “flowers”?

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