Friday, March 13, 2015


In honor of our latest project “BARING IT ALL WITH BE WISE” I decided to literally bare it all. I wanted to prove (mostly to myself) that I didn’t need to wear makeup and that if I went a week without makeup no one would even notice. By doing this I would essentially be “baring it all” just in another way. 
Makeup is basically a mask to hide any real or perceived “imperfection” that we might have (or in my case, think we have). For me, makeup is not so much used for hiding but rather adding some color to my otherwise super white skin. Now if you read my post about being a former “tanaholoic” then you might be thinking, “Wow this girl really never did get over her need-to-be-tan-phase.” And to be fair, that is partially true. I still do feel better when I have a little color to my face - but on the bright side, I am no longer using damaging UV rays to achieve that. 
On Tuesday, my “baring it all” quest began. I didn’t wear any makeup to work. (I did wear some mascara because otherwise I really would have looked like I had just rolled out of bed). Everything went according to my plan. No one said a word. Now I need to make something quite clear. I work at a high school. With high school students. High school students who have NO problem speaking their mind. I was sure I would hear many comments about my pasty face. Nothing. I kept thinking to myself, “This will make for an awesome blog post!” 
Wednesday came and I was more than ready for another makeup-free day. In fact, I even slept in a little longer than usual thinking I could really get used to this. I got to work anticipating the same reaction. Wrong. I received comment after comment. Luckily for me I have students who are clearly concerned for my well-being because I got asked over and over if I was sick. Nope, I felt fine. Great in fact. Other than the shot to my ego. 
I felt defeated. I was so ready to write a super inspiring post about knowing you are beautiful and not needing makeup to feel that you are. How could I write that post when didn’t feel it. All I felt was that without makeup I look sick and tired. Not a super great start to proving my original point. 
Thursday morning came and I went straight for my makeup. No way was I going to risk another day of “looking ill". I got ready, with makeup, and headed to work. Although I felt more confident, I felt like I had failed. I can’t motivate others to feel confident in their own skin if I’m not. Then it hit me. It wasn’t the makeup that made me confident and it wasn’t my pasty skin that made me feel less-than-beautiful. It wasn’t even really the comments about me looking sick (although that didn’t help make me feel any better). As silly as it might seem, it was the simple fact that I didn’t feel ready. Its hard to feel perfectly confident when you aren’t feeling like you look your best. 
Now, I know it shouldn’t take makeup for me to feel like I look my best. But.... it does. Silly, I know. Each morning as I get ready, doing my makeup makes me feel pretty. Its not that I am covering my face to look different, but as I use makeup to enhance the features I already have, I learn to love them and I feel pretty. 
This post turned out entirely different than I had originally planned, but it actually ended up being just that much more real, and that is exactly what this project is all about. Being real. I learned that I can go without makeup and it really was fine. I survived and even got a few extra minutes of sleep. But I also learned that it is OKAY to get ready for the day, (even if that means doing your makeup), putting your best foot forward, striving to look your very best. 
If it takes a little bit of foundation and blush to help you feel your best. Go for it! If you are just as confident with completely bare face, Awesome! (and I’m slightly really jealous of you). The truth is, being perfectly confident all the time can be hard. Let’s all cut each other (and ourselves) some slack. Now go FEEL beautiful! 
What helps you FEEL confident?

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