Thursday, February 19, 2015


Just yesterday I had a fairly simple yet profound experience that truly made an impact on me. 
I was checking out my Facebook notifications and one of the comments was from my sweet cousin. She had informed me that the link to my blog was not working. I immediately rushed to check it out and I found that sure enough, the domain to my blog had been blocked and suspended. 
I fell into a panic, 1. because I am not very computer savvy, and 2. I had recently shared a new post and I was afraid that no one would read it. I quickly said a prayer, (my sweet mom did too), that I could figure out how to fix it. Just under an hour later I had finally gotten everything fixed and working again. 
I promptly went on with what I had been doing before this situation occurred when it hit me... God really is in control. I remembered at that moment to thank Him for helping me fix everything. However, more than that, I realized how much I truly do and need to depend on Him. 
When I started BE WISE my sole purpose was to blog for Him. We were a team, I “promoted” Him while He “promoted” me. Often along the way I got caught up in myself. I was pretty stoked when I started receiving free product from awesome companies and for awhile this blog was focused primarily on what I could get rather than what I could give. 
Yesterday my entire mentality changed. I remembered why I started. It was not for free product, it was not for my own personal recognition. It was for Him. I know that if I want BE WISE to be all that it is capable of being then I have to rely on Him. If I want to have a positive influence on the world through my blog, then it can’t be for or about me. It has to be for and about Him. 
Although it is a small and simple example, this is also true for our own lives. God can make us into so much more than we can, just as I know He can make my blog into more than I could alone. Allow Him to guide you and trust in His direction. 
When have you depended on the Lord and how did it bless your life? 

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