Saturday, December 6, 2014


Yesterday on my way to work I got pulled over for speeding. 
Now, I could give you lots of excuses about how I couldn't possibly have been in the wrong and that there is no way I was going as fast as the cop said... but that isn't going to take my ticket away. 
As I sat in my car waiting for the cop I was pretty bugged. I mean, can you blame me? Now I was going to be late for work and would most likely have to pay some ridiculously over priced ticket. 
When he came back he explained that I was going 40 in a 25... but that he would only ticket me for going 5 over. As I drove away all I could think about was how frustrated I was that I had been pulled over and ticketed. 
Later in the day as I thought about it I realized how blessed I really had been. Sounds crazy I know, but its true. Yesterday was probably the first day ever that I had left my house about 10 minutes earlier to get to work because I just happened to be ready extra early. I left thinking this would be great because I could get a little bit of extra work done. I made it to work right on time. I wasn't early like I had planned, but I did make it. Any other day I definitely would have been late. 
When the cop told me he would be ticketing me for 5 over instead of 15 my first thought was, "Really, you're not just going to let me off with a warning?" Even though getting a ticket is not ideal, I did deserve it. And he actually did let me off... I would much rather deal with a 5 over ticket than a 15. 
Even though this is a very simple example, it really did make me reflect on my last post about being "grateful in all things". I could have let this ticket ruin my day (and to be honest I did let it ruin most of my morning). Or I could look on the bright side, it happened on a day I was going to be early to work and the cop dropped a few MPH off my ticket. So really, I can be grateful even in this situation. 

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