Thursday, October 16, 2014


Have you ever heard a guy say, "I hate it when girls wear makeup." 
Once upon a time I dated that guy. 
He made it very clear that he hated it when I wore makeup and that there was nothing more disgusting than being near a girl and having her makeup accidentally get on your clothes.  Naturally, I wanted to impress this boy, so I did as he asked and didn't wear makeup when I was around him. (I also stopped wearing Converse shoes upon his request...silly me).  
He would always compliment me and tell me how pretty I looked when I wasn't wearing makeup. It was flattering to know that I was "naturally" beautiful to him. On the flip side, if I ever decided to wear makeup, he would openly express his negative opinions about my decision. 
Since then I have been paranoid that while wearing makeup, I might unintentionally leave my mark on some unsuspecting boy. I remember talking to a friend and when I mentioned that she said, "Oh man, if my boyfriend had a problem with that, we would have broken up a long time ago." 
That's when it hit me. I was allowing some boy (who I ended up dumping about a month later anyway) define who I was. I stopped wearing makeup, not because I wanted to, but because he wanted me to, and that is extremely sad.


There are a few "extremes" I have seen others, and even myself, fall into when it comes to beauty and makeup. 
EXTREME #1: The Crutch
There are many girls and women who literally have a fear of being seen without their makeup. It has become a crutch and they base their beauty and even their worth on a bottle of foundation and a tube of mascara. This is definitely an extreme you want to avoid. It is important to understand that you ARE beautiful without any makeup. 
Beauty doesn't come from cosmetics. 
If you feel like you might fall into this category it's time to redefine what beauty really is. Take some time to find and recognize all the beautiful things about you. Some of these things might even been seen as imperfections to the outside world, however these are the things that make YOU uniquely YOU. 
For example, I have a few little sun-spot freckles right around my nose and under my eye. They are often hiding underneath my makeup, but recently I have been allowing them to make an appearance. There are countless creams and lotions out there to help "erase" or lighten these "imperfections". For a long time I was worried about them, but now, I actually kinda love them. As weird as it sounds, I feel like I earned them. 

EXTREME #2: The Pressure 
This is the extreme that I fell into with the boy I dated.  
I stopped wearing makeup for some boy and without even realizing it, I was giving him power over me and my own self-worth. If I had to change who I was just to impress some boy then he wasn't worth impressing in the first place. If you choose to wear makeup, for whatever reason, it honestly shouldn't matter what anyone else's opinion is. On the other hand, if you choose to not wear makeup, there is nothing wrong with that either. Don't allow the world to pressure you into wearing makeup in order to feel beautiful.

Don't allow makeup to become a crutch you rely on in order to feel beautiful. Don't allow the pressures of wearing or not wearing makeup define you.  
If a little bit of mascara in the morning helps to you feel like you look awake, more power to you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and present yourself well. In fact we are commanded to take care of the bodies we have been blessed with. You are beautiful and you deserve to not only know that you are, but feel that you are. 

What are your thoughts on makeup?

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