Sunday, October 12, 2014


Working as the Youth Advocate at a high school I am always looking for things that will help inspire and motivate the students I work with. I am constantly trying to help them set and achieve goals that will help them to be successful. I just finished reading the book "One Word That Will Change Your Life", and I loved it! It's a super fast read and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. This book is exactly what I was looking for to not only help motivate my students but also give me the direction and motivation I have been looking for in my own life as well. 
In the book it explains how 50% of resolution makers fail by the end of January. Typically we set "to-do" goals instead of "to-be" goals and we measure our success by what we accomplish rather than by what we become. After reading the book I took on their challenge (and challenged my students and even a few of my co-workers) to come up with one word. Instead of setting tons of different goals, pick one word to focus on and strive to master it in all the different aspects of your life. This one word helps create a laser-like focus that will last.  
When I challenged my students I was shocked by the positive response I got from them. They seemed genuinely excited to pick their word and begin the process of mastering that word. Some of the words they picked were accomplish, organized, determined, pass,  motivation, and focus.   
One of my students picked the word "Motivation" and chose put it here so he could see it often. 
It might sound obvious and cliche but the word I picked was WISE. It wasn't the first word that popped into my mind, but it was the word I feel will best work for me in becoming who I want to become. 
As we begin to master our one word it will begin to have an affect on many different aspects of our lives. For example, I am going to strive to be more wise Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Financially as well as within all my different Relationships. 
As you pick your word, pray for guidance that you will pick a word that will help you become who you were meant to become. The book also recommends that you share your word with others so they can help you stay motivated. Already I have had students ask me if the decisions I am making are "Wise decisions". Put your word somewhere you will be able to see it often like my student in the photo above has. This way you will have a constant reminder of your word. Try keeping a journal about all your progress and document your journey with your "One Word"
I am excited to begin my "One Word" journey and I have already noticed a difference. I hope you decided to chose One Word for yourself and join this journey with me. I would love to hear how it works out for you! Let me know how your "One Word" changes your life. Click HERE for more about One Word. 

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