Sunday, October 26, 2014


This morning my day started out with a mini pity-party. I was feeling frustrated that certain things weren't happening according to my plans and what I think is best for my life. It can be difficult watching those around you enjoying things that you don't have or living a life that you think you want. (Word to the wise, don't start your day off scrolling through your social media newsfeeds. Probably won't leave you feeling the greatest). 
As I got ready for church I chose to be in a bad mood. I say chose because there really wasn't anything that tragic happening in my life that would give me a valid reason to be upset. I carried on with my pessimistic attitude longer than I would like to admit. It wasn't until the third hour of church where I was visiting my mom in Primary that things changed. A sweet young boy, probably around the age of 7, got up to say the prayer. I honestly don't remember him asking for anything. The entire prayer was FULL of "thank you's".  "Thank you for church. Thank you for our activities. Thank you for Jesus", were his exact words. I sat there feeling a little embarrassed that I had chosen to be so ungrateful all morning. 
As if that wasn't enough to shake me from my pity-party, one of the verses of scripture I read today while studying was D&C 19:25 "And again, I command thee that thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife; nor seek they neighbor's life." How often as we mindlessly scroll through our variety of social media coveting or wishing that we had the things that others have? Do we ever stop to think that doing so is actually a sin? We are commanded to "Not Covet".  When we compare our lives to those around us we lose focus of all the many things we have already been blessed with. This morning I chose to be ungrateful and chose to let things get to me that really don't matter. Sure, things in our lives don't always go as planned. Sometimes people have things that we don't. That doesn't mean that we are any less loved and watched over by our Heavenly Father. He is aware of you and He is blessing you. CHOOSE to recognize those blessings and CHOOSE to be grateful for all that you already have. 

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