Wednesday, September 24, 2014


With my new promotion at work I have been going crazy planning things for my new office. It has been way exciting! I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to try it. I am way stoked about the result and can't wait to use these on my new white board. 

I bought my magnetic letters at Utah Idaho School Supplies and I got my spray paint at Michael's Craft Store. Obviously you can choose any color of paint you want, I decided to go with gold. Painting the letters was super easy, I just set them out on a newspaper and sprayed. Getting the edges was a little bit trickier, but not impossible. I just sprayed from each side focusing on the letters that needed a little extra paint. 
Allow to dry, and ta-da! You are finished! Super easy right?

Let me know how this DIY turned out for you! 

What other ideas for DIY magnets do you have?

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