Friday, September 19, 2014


written by MARY
All my life I have wanted to be one of those people who write in their journal everyday. Sadly despite my efforts, I never seemed to be able to accomplish that. So I decided to change the format of what I focus on in my journal to see if that would help make a difference. As an exciting result, it has actually helped me notice the good moments in my life, and keep it up as a daily routine. 
Rather than writing about insignificant day-to-day updates, I have dedicated my entries to the moments in my life that I can connect to a gospel question I have, or just a spiritual thought to think about during my day. After writing the thought or question, I will read my scriptures from where I left off the day before. Miraculously every single day that I have done this with real intent, I receive a distinct answer to my question, or evidence of my thought in the verses I read, and I write that down as well. 
In doing this, all my trials and bad days suddenly change as soon as I write down my answer or evidence and realize that life isn't all that bad. The Lord has an impact on every moment in our lives. He really is in control of every action, and is very aware of how we are feeling with exactness. I don't need to write down unnecessary conversations that won't give me strength as I reflect back on them. My journal was given purpose stronger than ever before the day I started this. I never want to stop! I challenge everyone else who might have the same problem in keeping a journal, to try this out. It really does work, and I have been blessed because of it.

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