Thursday, June 12, 2014


About a week ago, two adorable little neighbor girls came over to our house to jump on the trampoline. As they played they talked with me about very important things like, One Direction, how Miley Cyrus "Isn't cool anymore", and what they are going to be when they grow up.  
"I am going to be a singer! Wanna hear my singing voice?"  
"I will be a famous dancer when I grow up! Wanna see me dance?"  
I was honestly a little bit envious of the beautiful innocence and confidence these young girls clearly possessed. They know who they are and they know what they can become. With an "I will be..." or an "I am..." attitude there is no reason we can't become exactly who we want to become. For some reason, when we grow up, we decide our dreams are too big, or too unrealistic and we give up.      
Why do we do this?  
Sure, we probably won't all end up as famous singers and we may never actually land that dream job. However, we are capable of becoming more than we tend to believe. You have one life. Just one. You are the creator of that life and you are capable of making it whatever you choose to make it. If you choose to sit back and watch others make something of themselves, while constantly living under the impression that you aren't capable of becoming more, then that is your choice.     
You have a purpose. If you don't yet know what that purpose is, take some time to figure it out. God created you with intentions of having you become something great. He wouldn't expect you to make something of your life if He wasn't willing to help you in becoming exactly who you were designed to become. Turn to Him. Talk to Him. Let Him know your dreams and desires as well as your fears and concerns. No more "waiting until tomorrow." This is your time and today is the day to become who you are capable of becoming. 

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