Monday, May 19, 2014


When you think of the word Genuine what, or who, do you think of? 
When I think of this word I think of the person I would like to become; someone who is truly Genuine. To be genuine means "Possessing the claimed character, quality or origin. Not counterfeit; authentic; real." Can you think of anything that would be a better compliment than to have someone think of you as someone possessing those traits? I have come a long way in becoming the genuine person I would like to be, however I still have a lot of work to do. 
And some of that work is starting today.
When I started BE WISE my intentions were solely on making a positive difference in the world. I would have people ask me what that meant or how I intended to accomplish such a lofty task and I wasn't sure how to answer them. And to be honest, I am still not sure. What I did know is that I had a burning desire to reach out to others and help them feel of their worth as sons and daughters of God.  As I pursued this goal I began with a simple blog. This blog then became the inspiration for what is now BE WISE Magazine. 
As I stated before, my intentions at first were simply to reach out and inspire others. While this motive never changed, I started becoming more and more intrigued by the prestige and "glamour" that came from running and owning a magazine. I never realized how much free stuff I would come by or attention I would receive. To be honest, it completely took me off guard and truthfully, made me lose sight of my original goal. 
The magazine became about me and how much free stuff I could manage to get my hands on. I'm not going to lie, it was a lot. I had companies from all over the world sending me ridiculous amounts of free product. I began feeling almost entitled to receiving that kind of treatment. After all, I was the owner of a magazine, right?   
Quickly after my outpouring of freebies I began noticing that I wasn't the only person getting lucky. There were thousands of bloggers who had been doing this for years; and doing it far better than I was. This, my friends, is when the comparing began. All the sudden it was as if there was some unspoken competition going on. But this time it wasn't just about who got more free stuff; now it was also about who had the cutest blog, who had the more "inspiring" or "creative" posts, who had the most followers.... etc. I couldn't keep up. And not only that, I nearly gave up. Not just on the blog, but on everything. Magazine and all. I wasn't happy, and it just didn't seem worth it anymore. 
But then something happened. I remembered why I started and I remembered my purpose. In the beginning, I never intended on acquiring any merchandise from companies, or even money for that matter. I didn't start BE WISE to build my own name or reputation. I started BE WISE to build HIS name. It was my Father in Heaven who deserved all the credit and somehow along the way I felt I was warranted in receiving it all. 
If I want BE WISE to accomplish all that I know it can, it has to be for HIM. Not for ME. If I want my readers to feel the intensity of His love for them and truly begin to understand their infinite worth, then I have to present it in a manner that will allow that kind of Spirit. 
From now on, BE WISE and all that it promotes will not be from me, but rather from HIM. Sure I might share an occasional "Fashion" or "outfit of the day"post, but it won't be to show off all my cute clothes or the free things I get. I love a good fashion blog as much as the next person, but rarely do I leave them feeling better about myself. Usually it's feelings of inadequacy or jealousy and those are not feelings I would ever want to cause in someone else. 
Along with that, I am going to strive to be more genuine. I still feel relatively new to this whole "blogging and owning a magazine" thing. It's a whole lot harder than I thought and I am still learning. One thing I know for sure however, is that I always want to be true to who I am and what I stand for. In order for me to stay genuinely passionate about BE WISE I need to be genuinely myself. I won't pretend to be perfect. I won't pretend that I have time to look done up for an "outfit of the day post" each day.... (because I don't). But I will be me. GENUINELY me.  

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