Sunday, April 27, 2014


This life on Earth was meant to be enjoyed, not just simply endured. However, at times it can be difficult to enjoy the journey. Unexpected twists and turns that often lead to heartbreak may cause us to stumble and even question our path. We will all endure our fair share of trials that can often make "enjoying to the end" easier said than done. 

You may currently be enduring your own little speed bumps in your journey. If this is the case, take heart and trust that your Father in Heaven has a plan for you. Specific to you individually. It will not look exactly like anyone else's so stop comparing your progress (or lack thereof) to those around you. 

You my friend deserve to be happy. If there are circumstances in your life that are causing you stress or heartache, fix your circumstance. If it is not something that can be changed or fixed, turn to the Savior for strength and guidance.  He has experienced everything you ever have and ever will go through so there is no better friend that you can have to get you safely through this trial. 

Choose TODAY to be happy and enjoy your own journey. Do not allow yourself to become discouraged. You are here on Earth for a very specific purpose. Live each day striving and praying to find out what that purpose is and choose to enjoy each step in your own individual journey. 

1. What can you do to more fully enjoy each day in your journey?
2. What "road blocks" are keeping you from enjoying your journey?
3. How can you avoid or change those "road blocks"

Live each day this week with a new found desire to simply ENJOY. 

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