Friday, March 21, 2014


I am beyond excited about today's post because I get to introduce a new member of the BE WISE Team! Kayla Clark is seriously one of theeee most darling girls I have ever had the privilege of meeting. She has already quickly become a huge asset to BE WISE and I cannot wait to spend more time working with this Gem.  

Kayla was kind enough to write this incredible post for us about true beauty. You will LOVE it! For more inspiration and loveliness from Kayla click HERE.

Have you ever met someone who, initially, didn’t meet the world’s standard of someone who is beautiful? But as you got to know this person, they became beautiful because of their graciousness, or perhaps they became beautiful because of their ability to see the positive and lift you up, or perhaps by their deep ability to empathize. That kind of beauty never fades, and is the vehicle that carries you through fulfilling relationships and sees a lot of intense happiness.

We are constantly told to love our physical appearance and find the things we love about the outside. This is important, but wrinkles and gray hair will come inevitably. Athletic frames and youthful glows will fade. And what will be left when that happens? 
Cultivating a happy heart full of genuine love and concern for those around you starts from the inside—but often is projected outward in a ray of happiness. It tends to be circular—the more you show kindness to others, the more they want to be around you, the more capacity you have to love them. It increases exponentially—and having that truly genuine concern for others adds something to your personality, to your being, that I can only describe as magical. It’s that extra spark that attaches you to people, draws them to you, and creates a rose-colored world for you to live in.  That kind of beauty is, as Lupta says, ‘enchanting.’ being kind to others teaches us to be kind to ourselves, creating an environment that can foster more good feelings. Being compassionate makes you happy, and happiness looks gorgeous on everyone! Similarly, the confidence that comes from empathy is contagious! It’s a light that glows within you and illuminates the way for those around you. There are so many voices telling us we need to be tough and callus—when what we really need is more tenderness.
This kind of beauty it what makes our world extraordinary. I encourage all of you to be more worried with cultivating a beautiful soul, rather than crafting a beautiful outward image. This will allow you to be truly and fully beautiful.

Elder Lynn g. Robbins said, “The world tries to convince us that cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, fashionable clothing, diets, and even surgery are necessary for beauty. While some of these fashion aids are desirable and lovely, they can change only surface appearances. The gospel teaches us that true beauty is more than skin-deep. A young woman whose countenance is aglow with both happiness and virtue radiates inner beauty. Happiness is the most attractive accessory a young woman can have.”
May we all show empathy, learn to be happy, and experience true beauty in ourselves and those around us every day. 
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See? Isn't she incredible!? We are so lucky to have her! I am convinced that if we implement this wise advice from Kayla as well as our "Worth Emulating" Focus Word of the week "Kindness" we will truly become more Beautiful. 

What are your thoughts on True Beauty?

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