Sunday, February 23, 2014


I often find myself caught up in my own ideas of how my life should be right now as well as how I would like my life to turn out. More often than not it seems my ideas aren't the Lord's ideas and He seems to have a way of intervening when I least expect it...
At times these "interventions" seem like trials. This is likely because they often come in the form of a trial or hardship. For example... my adventure through college did not turn out the way I had anticipated. However looking back, it turned out better than I had planned. [Read more about that here.
Recently I have been trying to notice the hand of the Lord in my life by each day finding something that He did to answer a prayer or "intervene" with my plans in some way. It is incredible to see just how much the Lord is involved with our lives. I am noticing many blessings in my life that have come from choosing to move on, leaving certain things [or people] behind and trusting that the Lord has a plan for me. I am truly amazed by experiences I have had and the people who have come into my life just within the last month. 
I can easily say that the times when I felt things weren't working out the way I wanted them to were times that my Heavenly Father had something better in store for me. I just needed to be willing to trust in Him and let go of those things or people who were holding me back.  As I have trusted in Him and His plan for me, I have been blessed and come to find the happiness I have always longed for. 
I am excited to see where His path for me will lead.  
I know that it is far better than anything I could come up with on my own.  
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How have the Lords divine interventions blessed your life?
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