Wednesday, January 29, 2014


As a youth advocate at a high school I spend a L O T of time with the kids setting daily/weekly goals. I have noticed huge improvements in the students who actually set goals they can accomplish. Some of their goals are really simple [not missing any classes for a day etc.] When they accomplish their goals, however simple they might be, there is an obvious glow of confidence. They truly feel good about themselves. I figured if they can do it, not only could I, but I probably should too.  So... I have.
Each day I set some fairly simple goals for myself. Most days a lot of my goals are the same because they are things I feel I should be doing each day [exercise, scripture study etc.]  But here is the trick... I reward myself at the end of each week.  I know this sounds silly, but so far, it has worked like a charm.   
I have a bit of a shopping problem. I  L O V E   it.  More than I should.  I made a deal with myself that I am only allowed to shop [or buy anything for that matter] at the end of the week IF each day I have accomplished my goals. Note: this does not mean I HAVE to shop at the end of the week. I just can't unless I earned it. 
It is FANTASTIC! Not only am I accomplishing my goals, [and feeling super great about myself for it] I am managing my spending! No more buyer's remorse! It is like the best two-for-one deal everrrr. I truly feel like I have earned my "reward". 
I have also found I am more conscious about my purchases. During the week I compile a list. I have my Want List and my Need List. This gives me time to think about my purchases. If I still want it after thinking about it for at least a week I probably won't regret buying it. nNote: If it is a large list or a big purchase I do more than one week.  
So, there you have it friends. I promise this is one of the greatest things I have come up with in all my 23 years of living.  If shopping isn't really your thing, find something that is. Figure out what it is that drives you. What would be rewarding to you? Once you have that figured out, make a list of goals. Then when you accomplish those goals, reward yourself! You deserve it!  
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