Thursday, June 13, 2013


I know you are all probably sick of hearing from me about this but I wanted to share it just one more time expressing how truly honored I am to have been considered for Utah's 2013 Style Icon.  

When I first got the email informing me of my nomination I was slightly in shock. I couldn't believe it was real. At first I thought it was letting me know how to nominate myself but then I realized I had already been selected for the running. I was slightly confused as to how a girl like myself who spends 90% of her days in sweat pants and basketball shorts could possibly be nominated for anything involving style or fashion. When I saw the list of girls I was running against I was even more intimidated. These girls are all incredibly beautiful fashionistas with an already large following. I would never have placed myself in the same category as these other women.  

While it is an honor to have someone consider me "stylish" the greatest honor is knowing that I achieved this nomination all while promoting the importance of modesty. For the last couple years I have been making the conscious choice to dress modestly while also showing other girls and women that it is still possible to look good while being covered up. It was this passion that lead me to create Style Wise, a blog that offers cute and modest outfit ideas. This blog along with my Be Wise Self Worth blog inspired me to create Be Wise Magazine.  I never dreamed that in the first few months I would be able to reach people all across the world, but it happened! 

I have been more successful with this journey than I ever dreamed possible and it all began from the desire and decision to dress modestly. I know that many of you might think I am crazy for saying this, but I know that because of this decision I have been blessed beyond what I could ever imagine. 
I decided to take a stand about something I believe in and it has more than paid off.  I am honored to even have a chance at being Utah's 2013 Style Icon not because I feel like I am the most "fashionable" person out there, but because 
I was nominated while dressing and promoting modesty.  

This post is not meant to come across as if I am patting myself on the back but rather to show yet again one more example of how dressing modestly has blessed my life.  I know that choosing to dress modestly has made a huge impact on every aspect of my life. I have never before been more confident or had more respect for myself. That my friends, is the real blessing. 
Being nominated to be a style icon is just an added bonus. 

Im not out here trying to gain votes, but I am taking this opportunity to share a little bit more about why this nomination means the world to me. Each vote I receive means more to me than anyone could possibly imagine. Not because I want to win, but rather it shows me that there are other people who believe in the importance of modesty. 

If you would like to vote for me you can click here to vote. While of course I would love to win (who wouldn't?) I really feel like I already have. Whether I get the most votes or if I only get 5, this experience has offered me a chance to 
share the reason I know I have been so blessed.