Friday, March 22, 2013

I am so ready for spring! This beautiful one day, snow the next day stuff is just not cutting it for me. I decided to throw together a list of a bunch of my favorite spring things to help get me through this dreary snowy day. Warm weather can't come soon enough! 

1. True Blue Spa Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel from Bath and Body Works. This stuff is seriously like a delicious fruity drink for your skin! It is an incredibly moisturizer and smells incredible! 

2. True Blue Spa Margarita Body Scrub from Bath and Body Works. I am a sucker for sugar scrubs. They feel amazing and leave your skin ridiculously smooth. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer weather. 

3. Gold Neuvo Watch. I LOVE my Neuvo watch! I can't wait until I can show it off this spring. c/o Neuvo 

4. Coconut leaves from Bath and Body works is officially my FAVORITE candle. My room smells incredible all the time and lifts me up even on these cold snowy days. 

5. Sobe Waves is such an incredible product if you are trying to get incredible beachy waves for your hair. I have naturally curly hair and this product totally helps define my curls and gives my hair that textured and effortless beachy look. c/o Sobe Waves

6. c/o Style Says Shop has the cutest accessories and I love the black chevron necklace they so generously sent me. Chevron is totally in right now and this necklace is such a fun way to accessorize any outfit.  

7. This bracelet has been one of my go-to bracelets ever since I received it from c/o Style Lately. Perfect way to glam up any outfit. Im obsessed! 

8. I know, I know, another moisturizer. I seriously cant get enough of this stuff! This Mango Butter from Bath and Body Works is fabulous. I use it every single night and I smell amazing! Even my sheets are smelling incredible. 

9. I have recently discovered my obsession with fun bright lips. I cant get enough. Lip tar is amazing to achieve incredible pigment on your lips. They have every color you can imagine.  c/o Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 

10. Everyone needs a cute pair of sunnys and these are seriously my favorite! Takemoto Eyewear are all handmade from bamboo. Be sure to check them out! c/o Takemoto Eyewear.

Happy Friday everyone!