Monday, February 18, 2013


I am pretty low maintenance and actually prefer spending my time with sweats on, hair up, and no makeup.  Occasionally I decide to actually get ready and when I do that I try to be sure that it takes up as little of my time as I can possibly manage.  I am also extremely cheap. I hate spending money on things I don't feel like I really need. However, all that being said.... I have tried everything out there in order to find what really works for me and after 20+ years I feel like I might have come to some conclusions.  I still love trying new things but I seem to always go back to these products. They just seem to work wonders for me.  

MAKEUP: I dont particularly like wearing loads of makeup so I usually don't need very many products for this and like I stated before, I am a big fan of beauty on a budget so majority of what I use can be found at your local grocery store. Nothing too fancy.

1. I am obsessed with Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation. I have tried hundreds of foundations and this one is by far my very favorite. It works perfectly with my skin.  I currently use the shade 225 that is darker than the one pictured since I have more of an olive skin tone. I tend to fluctuate slightly throughout the year depending on the weather and what my skin color is at the time.  (About $8)

2. Maybelline's GREAT LASH Mascarra has been my go-to mascarra since I started wearing mascarra. Its the brand my mom used so naturally I used it too. I've tried everything out there and always keep coming back to this one. 
(Around $6)

3. This is a new product that I have added to my collection and I LOVE it! It's a highlighter from The Body Shop. It's one of those products that isn't really necessary but I love having around. It gives your skin that extra little bit of a health glow. It really looks so pretty. ($14)

4. Lately I have gotten really into lipstick. There are so many beautiful colors out there I just can't help myself. This is another one of those products that really isnt necessary but I love having around.  My very favorites are Revlon Colorburst and the Sephora Collection. I typically stick with the pinks and purples and keep the rest of my makeup pretty neutral and basic when I use any lipsticks. (About $5 for Revlon and about $12 for Sephora Collection) 


I have really thin and fine hair. There are many times I look at girls with beautiful long luscious locks and cant help but covet what they have but Ive learned to be grateful for what I do have even if it isn't super long and luxurious.  

1. Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum  is my favorite hair product of all time. Ive tried literally everything out there and nothing works as well as this one. Its a bit of a splurge (for me at least) but lasts for so long because just a tiny bit will work miracles. My hair can get super frizzy since it is naturally curly and this product keeps my hair looking and feeling super soft and silky. And on top of that it smells incredible! (About $20) 

2. I am a big fan of the Healthy Sexy Hair line. I noticed a big difference in my hair when I was using their products. I love their shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and soy renewal. (About $20)

3. I haven't quite found my all time favorite shampoo but I am quite fond of the Dove Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner  (About $5) 

I try not to use heat on my hair very often unless its completely necessary. I have found that doing less with my hair has actually been better for my hair. I usually just let my hair air dry, Ill use some of my Super Skinny Serum (above) on my hair, twist it into a bun and let it dry that way. Once its dry and I take it out I (usually) have pretty waves. No heat required. I already have pretty curly hair so this works really well for me and I imagine it would work for most hair types. 


1. The Clean and Clear deep action exfoliating scrub is AMAZING! It leaves my skin feeling clean, cool, and refreshed. I always look forward to washing my face because this product really leaves it feeling so good. 
(About $7)

2. I love this moisturizer. The Garnier Skin Renew has been working great for me in counteracting my years of tanning and being careless with my skin. It has an SPF that helps for future protection as well. (About $13) I have found, the older I get, the less concerned I am about being tan. I finally realized, I am white. Therefore I have white skin. And thats ok. Im now more concerned about taking care of what I have than trying to have something
 I don't have. 

As Ive stated before, these are the products that work for me. That does not mean these are the only products that work. If you have a beauty regimen that is working for you, AWESOME! If you're looking into revamping, try out a few of these products and see if they work for you.  Don't get too preoccupied in all this "beauty" stuff though. These are all just products that are used to enhance what we already have. If you are not happy with what you have, these products can't really fix much. Learn to love the skin you're in. Learn to love the hair you have. Look at all the things your body can do verses what you dont like about it.  So what if you dont have long thick hair?  ITS OK. Be grateful for what you do have. You are beautiful.