Wednesday, November 26, 2014


With Thanksgiving right around the corner I'm sure we have all been prompted to consider our blessings and all that we are grateful for. It's easy to be thankful when things are going well for us. But what about during the times of struggle and heartache? 
Even during the difficult times in our lives, it is still important to be grateful. In fact, we have been commanded to do so... 
In Mosiah 26:38-39 the Lord commands, "give thanks in all things." During this time in the Book of Mormon the people were greatly suffering and yet God still expected them to be grateful. 
I don't know about you, but I have never prayed to receive trials in my life. However, I have prayed for strength, inspiration, and personal growth. When these prayers are answered in the form of a trial I never recall jumping for joy. In fact, I probably complained, and in doing so I have not been "giving thanks in all things". 
When we look at trials as opportunities to grow, learn, and be strengthened, it is much easier to be grateful for them. God wouldn't ask us to be grateful in all things if it were not possible. He knows that with each experience we can find something to be grateful for. The more we are grateful for all that we have, the happier we will become. We will be less likely to wish for things we don't have and instead begin treasuring all that we do have. 
This Thanksgiving I challenge you to be "grateful in all things." Make a list of everything that God has blessed you with, trials and all. Find something in each day to be thankful for and truly give thanks. 
***If you or someone you know has endured a difficult trial and come out on top, email us at for a chance to be featured in our next issue of BE WISE Magazine.   

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Monday, November 24, 2014


I am a 24 year old, college graduate, LDS girl, living in Salt Lake City Utah and... I'm single.
Knowing that, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that the most common questions I am asked are... 
Who are you dating? Why aren't you dating? Why aren't you married? Do you want to get married? Why are you single? and my personal favorite... You are so great! Why don't you have a boyfriend? 
I am not quite sure why, but for some reason being 20-something years old and unmarried gets people quite concerned for your well-being.  Now before I continue I need to make something quite clear. There is nothing wrong with dating or being married. I can't wait for the day when I find the right guy and can be with him forever. But as much as I can't wait to find him, I don't plan to sit around simply waiting either. 
Being 24 and single has allowed me some time to ponder, grow and dare I even say mature. I have realized things that my younger self never would have learned if my life had gone according to MY plans. 
Realization #1: PLANS CHANGE  
I never planned on being the last of my friends to get married. I never planned on being 24 and still single. HOWEVER... I also never planned on being a photographer. I never planned on owning a magazine. I never planned on being the Youth Advocate at a high school working with the greatest kids known to man. Many of my plans have changed over the years and I have learned that HIS plan is better than MY plan. God knows you. He is aware of you. You have not been forgotten. He hears your prayers, just trust in his timing. 
Realization #2: THERE IS MORE TO LIFE 
I am in no way discounting marriage. I can assure you I am just as excited about my wedding day as the next girl. HOWEVER... Finding the "man of my dreams" and getting married is not my end-all-ultimate goal. There is so much more to life than just getting married. We shouldn't be waiting on finding our significant other in order to enjoy our lives and become who we were meant to become. 
Yes, I am still single, and yes, I still live at home, and no I am not just "mooching off my parents". I actually simply really enjoy being with my family. I know that if I had gotten married when I had planned on getting married, the relationship I have with my parents and siblings would be very different. I have gotten so close with my family because I chose to live at home. I have been able to develop those relationships into something truly incredible. I think people often get so focused on finding "the one" that they forget to treasure the relationships with those who have been there since "day one".   
"You are so great! Why don't you have a boyfriend?" My very favorite question. It implies that being great must mean you are in a relationship. So on the flip side, if you're not in a relationship, you must not be very great. Since when did "greatness" (or lack thereof) qualify anyone for a relationship. I'm sure we all know many people who are "taken" who might not actually be that great... as well as many incredible people who are single as can be. Truth is, you CAN be great and single.   
Along with being great, you really can and even should be HAPPY and single. Don't wait around for your Prince (or Princess) Charming to come and sweep you off your feet before choosing to be happy. That only leads to a lot of wasted life and wasted happiness. Live your life now. Your time will come. Until then, choose to be happy and single. 

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Sunday, October 26, 2014


This morning my day started out with a mini pity-party. I was feeling frustrated that certain things weren't happening according to my plans and what I think is best for my life. It can be difficult watching those around you enjoying things that you don't have or living a life that you think you want. (Word to the wise, don't start your day off scrolling through your social media newsfeeds. Probably won't leave you feeling the greatest). 
As I got ready for church I chose to be in a bad mood. I say chose because there really wasn't anything that tragic happening in my life that would give me a valid reason to be upset. I carried on with my pessimistic attitude longer than I would like to admit. It wasn't until the third hour of church where I was visiting my mom in Primary that things changed. A sweet young boy, probably around the age of 7, got up to say the prayer. I honestly don't remember him asking for anything. The entire prayer was FULL of "thank you's".  "Thank you for church. Thank you for our activities. Thank you for Jesus", were his exact words. I sat there feeling a little embarrassed that I had chosen to be so ungrateful all morning. 
As if that wasn't enough to shake me from my pity-party, one of the verses of scripture I read today while studying was D&C 19:25 "And again, I command thee that thou shalt not covet they neighbor's wife; nor seek they neighbor's life." How often as we mindlessly scroll through our variety of social media coveting or wishing that we had the things that others have? Do we ever stop to think that doing so is actually a sin? We are commanded to "Not Covet".  When we compare our lives to those around us we lose focus of all the many things we have already been blessed with. This morning I chose to be ungrateful and chose to let things get to me that really don't matter. Sure, things in our lives don't always go as planned. Sometimes people have things that we don't. That doesn't mean that we are any less loved and watched over by our Heavenly Father. He is aware of you and He is blessing you. CHOOSE to recognize those blessings and CHOOSE to be grateful for all that you already have. 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There are only a few more days that I will be able to wear outfits like this. It's definitely starting to get colder so I can assure you I will be taking advantage of any nice days we have left! I must admit I am pretty stoked that it is finally beanie weather and I get to introduce these lovelies back to my wardrobe. 
But wait… There's more… 
We are currently working on our 11th Issue (I can't even believe we have had that many) of BE WISE Magazine and want to feature YOU! If you are interested in being in BE WISE Magazine please email me at We are looking for models, makeup artists, bloggers, writers  -  you name it, we want it. I am beyond excited for what we have in store with this issue. Get excited my friends! 

TOP: Cotton On || VEST: Urban Blues || PANTS: H&M || SHOES: Nike Roche (Purchased HERE) WATCH: American Apparel || NECKLACES: Urban Outfitters || BEANIE: Neff (Pacsun) 

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Monday, October 20, 2014


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time up at my cabin. The scenery was breathtaking. As I looked up at the mountain I noticed all the Aspen trees were losing their leaves for the winter. This is completely normal and nothing really new, however I noticed something I had never really taken the time to notice before. Among all the "dying" Aspen trees there were countless Pine trees standing as tall and strong as ever. Towering over the Aspen trees they looked beautiful and majestic. 
That's when it hit me… Although many of them were standing alone, and they were surrounded by trees that were "dying" and "falling apart",  they stood tall. 
As I looked up at those trees I became more and more inspired. I want to be like the Evergreen. I want to stand tall and stay strong even if everything around me is falling apart. 
It can be extremely intimidating taking a stand and being different, especially if you are the only one doing it.  I have experienced first hand being mocked, judged and left out for standing up for what was right.  It isn’t always easy. However, it is ALWAYS worth it.   
Whether they admit it or not, most people will actually be impressed and gain respect for you when you stand up for what is right.  It shows strength and confidence.  Those who do not respect you for making good decisions are not the kind of people who will help you progress and succeed so there is no need to impress them.   
Even if you are mocked, judged, or left out for choosing to stand up for what you know is right, you are never completely alone. Our Heavenly Father will always look out for you and protect you. When we do what is right, even when it is hard and even if we are the only one, we will be blessed. 
I can promise you that if you stand tall, even if it means standing alone, you will find a strength and confidence within yourself that you will never want to compromise. Follow the example of the Evergreen tree. Just as it stands tall and is "ever green" in a world that is cold and grey, you can stand tall, even if it means standing alone. 
When have you had to stand tall, even when it meant standing alone?

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Sunday, October 19, 2014


I have set a goal to read the whole Doctrine & Covenants  by the end of the year.  We are so blessed to live in a time where the scriptures are so accessible. I am constantly using my Gospel Library app to read on the go. It's super convenient having the scriptures right in our pockets isn't it?  Join me by following along with this chart.  At only 4 pages a day it makes reading super slick.  No excuses, anyone can accomplish this.  Happy reading

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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Have you ever heard a guy say, "I hate it when girls wear makeup." 
Once upon a time I dated that guy. 
He made it very clear that he hated it when I wore makeup and that there was nothing more disgusting than being near a girl and having her makeup accidentally get on your clothes.  Naturally, I wanted to impress this boy, so I did as he asked and didn't wear makeup when I was around him. (I also stopped wearing Converse shoes upon his request...silly me).  
He would always compliment me and tell me how pretty I looked when I wasn't wearing makeup. It was flattering to know that I was "naturally" beautiful to him. On the flip side, if I ever decided to wear makeup, he would openly express his negative opinions about my decision. 
Since then I have been paranoid that while wearing makeup, I might unintentionally leave my mark on some unsuspecting boy. I remember talking to a friend and when I mentioned that she said, "Oh man, if my boyfriend had a problem with that, we would have broken up a long time ago." 
That's when it hit me. I was allowing some boy (who I ended up dumping about a month later anyway) define who I was. I stopped wearing makeup, not because I wanted to, but because he wanted me to, and that is extremely sad.


There are a few "extremes" I have seen others, and even myself, fall into when it comes to beauty and makeup. 
EXTREME #1: The Crutch
There are many girls and women who literally have a fear of being seen without their makeup. It has become a crutch and they base their beauty and even their worth on a bottle of foundation and a tube of mascara. This is definitely an extreme you want to avoid. It is important to understand that you ARE beautiful without any makeup. 
Beauty doesn't come from cosmetics. 
If you feel like you might fall into this category it's time to redefine what beauty really is. Take some time to find and recognize all the beautiful things about you. Some of these things might even been seen as imperfections to the outside world, however these are the things that make YOU uniquely YOU. 
For example, I have a few little sun-spot freckles right around my nose and under my eye. They are often hiding underneath my makeup, but recently I have been allowing them to make an appearance. There are countless creams and lotions out there to help "erase" or lighten these "imperfections". For a long time I was worried about them, but now, I actually kinda love them. As weird as it sounds, I feel like I earned them. 

EXTREME #2: The Pressure 
This is the extreme that I fell into with the boy I dated.  
I stopped wearing makeup for some boy and without even realizing it, I was giving him power over me and my own self-worth. If I had to change who I was just to impress some boy then he wasn't worth impressing in the first place. If you choose to wear makeup, for whatever reason, it honestly shouldn't matter what anyone else's opinion is. On the other hand, if you choose to not wear makeup, there is nothing wrong with that either. Don't allow the world to pressure you into wearing makeup in order to feel beautiful.

Don't allow makeup to become a crutch you rely on in order to feel beautiful. Don't allow the pressures of wearing or not wearing makeup define you.  
If a little bit of mascara in the morning helps to you feel like you look awake, more power to you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and present yourself well. In fact we are commanded to take care of the bodies we have been blessed with. You are beautiful and you deserve to not only know that you are, but feel that you are. 

What are your thoughts on makeup?

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