Saturday, January 24, 2015


You may start reading through this and begin thinking that it sounds a lot like my “Happy and Single” post, and well.. it probably does. This post is honestly just as much (or more) for me, as it is for those of you reading it. It is a lesson I continue to find myself learning, (or striving to learn) over and over.   
Now if you are not from Utah,  LDS, over the age of 21, and single, you might not quite understand the real and/or perceived pressure there is to find “the one” and get married.  If you are however, you know exactly what I am talking about. 
I am currently in that “awkward” stage of life where I am graduated from college, working in my chosen career field, and still not married. Would I like to be married? Of course. Does it make me sad that I’m not? I would be lying if I said no. HOWEVER. There is one thing I do know, but often forget. God has a plan for me. And guess what? My plan is not like your plan. It is not like my sister’s plan. And it is not like the plan for all my friends who got married before me. It is my own. A plan carefully crafted by my Father in Heaven. It might not look like anyone else’s, and you know what? As much as I might have wanted it to, I’m glad it doesn’t. I know that God has a very specific plan for me. He knows what I stand in need of more than I do. He knows the desires of our hearts and all that we deserve.  However, in order to receive, we first must trust.   

Instead of feeling like you are living in that “awkward” stage of life, simply because of the ridiculous pressures and expectations placed on us by society, choose to focus on the opportunities God is blessing you with. You might not have everything you want right now. You might not even get it in this lifetime. But I know that when we trust in Him, God provides us with everything we need 

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Monday, January 19, 2015


In honor of one of the greatest humans to ever live, I have taken the time to consider what my own personal dream is. Martin Luther King had a dream. He made it known to the world. He had a desire to make a difference and he acted on that desire. He didn’t sit dormant. He acted. He stood up for what he believed in regardless of the consequences. 
Our world has been forever changed because of one man’s dream. Can you imagine how great our world could be if everyone took a chance and acted on their own dreams and desires to make a difference? If instead of worrying about the opinions of others we stood up for what we believed in with confidence? Martin Luther King lost his life in pursuit of his dream. What are you willing to sacrifice? I challenge you this week to write your dream. Each day set small and achievable goals that will help you accomplish your own dream. Each one of us is valuable. We all have a purpose. Use your time here on Earth wisely and become the inspiring and unstoppable force you were created to become. 

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Sunday, January 11, 2015


It's officially here! BE WISE Magazine Issue 11, The BEAUTY Issue! Honestly, this is my very favorite issue yet. Countless hours and prayers went into the creation of this magazine. It is my sincerest desire that this issue of BE WISE has a positive impact on all those who read it. I have never been more proud of one of our magazines. ENJOY!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015


I am sure many, if not all of us, have regrets. Some might be small, others might be large. We are all imperfect beings and because of that, regrets can often creep up on us. Each new year people set out to have their “Best year yet!” We set lofty goals of self-improvement and have a new found determination to be the best we can be. Overtime these goals might seem daunting and we give up. We fall back into old habits and lose focus on making any real and lasting changes. As much as no one wants to admit it, this pattern is very typical. 
One of my very favorite talks is called “Of Regrets and Resolutions” by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I honestly think everyone should be required to read it, especially at the beginning of a new year. 
There are three main points that he discusses throughout the talk.  
1. Resolve to spend more time with those we love. 
2. Resolve to strive more earnestly to become the person God wants us to be. 
3. Resolve to find happiness, regardless of circumstance.  
I have plenty of goals that I want to accomplish this new year but I can’t think of one that doesn’t fit perfectly into at least one of these three categories. You want to be more fit? More successful? Better with your money or your time? So does God. He wants us to be the best we can be. Taking care of our bodies is not only something we should strive to do, but it’s a commandment from God. Using our time wisely will not only help us to become the person God wants us to be but it can also help us be happier and allow us time to spend with those we love. 
As you set your New Years Resolutions, consider these three points. Be determined to devote more of your time in becoming who God wants you to become. Trust that His plan is better than your plan. When things don’t work out the way you anticipated, lean on Him and find happiness in your circumstance. If these three points our your focus for this new year, you will have little-to-no room for regrets. With God by your side you will be able to make lasting changes and truly start a new beginning. 
What are some of your New Years Resolutions? 

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Saturday, December 20, 2014


If you have an Instagram account and have used it within the last month or so then you are aware of the changes they have been making. At first when I realized that any “spammy” accounts would be removed I thought it was great.  However when I noticed my precious 2,500+ followers had reduced to an “embarrassing” 1,996, I was a little less than thrilled. In fact, I am not proud to say it, but I was bugged. 
The more I thought about it the more I wasn’t sure if I was actually bugged by my loss of followers or if I was bugged that I was bugged by my loss of followers. 
There used to be a time where I was carefree when it came to Instagram. I posted what I wanted to, when I wanted to and never thought twice about losing a follower. Recently things have changed...   
Starting BE WISE Magazine truly has been a very interesting business adventure. Something that I know little to nothing about. But one thing I do know, (or have come to know) is that people really care about your “following”. I have been asked a billion times how many “followers” or “subscribers” I have. Sometimes I hesitate to give them the numbers. I mean, there are plenty of people who have outstandingly higher numbers of followers than I do. Why would someone want to collaborate with a regular girl from Utah with a less than impressive social media presence? 
Then it hit me. I have been falling into the same trap that I specifically started BE WISE to keep people from falling into. I have been basing my worth on a number. A number of people who, let’s be honest, I probably don’t even know. 
I might not have a huge social media following. And guess what, that is ok. Over the space of two years since I started BE WISE I have received a substantial amount of emails or comments from people who have voiced that BE WISE had in some way affected their life for good. If I have helped even one person, then in my mind, I have been a success. I understand that by the world’s standards I might not be, and I have even had “prominent” people opt out of being in my magazine based on my “lack” of followers. While at times that has been frustrating, and even hurt, I know that what I am doing is of worth.   
When I came across the quote, “Just because someone has more followers than you it does not make them better than you. Hitler had millions. Jesus had 12,” it really put things into perspective for me. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not comparing myself to Christ and those with lots of followers to Hitler. But I do think this is something we should consider. Today it seems so much of someones worth has been placed on a number. Their number of followers, the number of comments or “likes” on a photo, the number on a scale, the number in their bank account... We often look past the actual individual (even when it comes to ourselves) and base worth on fleeting and meaningless ideals. 
I might not have lots of followers. I might not be world famous. But I know I have helped change lives. One of those being my very own. That my friends, is success. 

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Monday, December 15, 2014


I love the bags under my eyes. Weird right? Find out why in the next issue of BE WISE Magazine coming out in January! 
We have a super fun contest and we want EVERYONE to participate! All the entries that follow the requirements will be featured in our next issue of BE WISE Magazine and the winner with the most creative sign will receive a $15 gift card to Sephora! It’s super simple. 

1. Follow us on Instagram @bewise__magazine (two underscores) 
2. Pick one thing you love about yourself. 
3. Make a sign that says “I love my...” 
4. Snap a photo of you holding the sign. 
5. Email the photo to BEWISEMAG@GMAIL.COM or DM us on Instagram

DEADLINE: Dec. 20th! We can’t wait to see your photos! 
(All images must follow the standards of BE WISE. No low-cut, revealing clothing and shoulders must be covered.) 

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Sunday, December 14, 2014


This week our “Walk With Christ Challenge" is  “Seeking Christ’s Help - PRAYING”.   
Why should we pray? 
We are commanded to pray and communicate with God and doing so will not only bring us closer to Him, but to our Savior as well. God is all-knowing. He does not need us to tell Him what we stand in need of in order for Him to know. God doesn’t need you to pray. You need you to pray. When we are specific in our prayers, we will be able to recognize how God is specific in His answers. We might not recognize His hand in our life if we are not specific in our asking. God does answer our prayers and it is up to us to recognize those answers. 
When I was very young I had to undergo foot surgery. I could not eat before the surgery because of the anaesthesia. As my parents were driving me to the hospital, I sat in the back in my little carseat and politely asked... “Bottle.” My parents knew what that meant. I was hungry. But since they are smart and loving parents they did not give me my bottle. A little while later I asked again... “Bottle.” I was ignored. So I persisted... “Bottle, Bottle, BOTTLE!” As I began crying, so did my mother. She wanted so badly to give me what I wanted. She even began questioning if she was making the right decision in going through with the surgery. 
I did not understand why my parents would not give me what I wanted. They had given it to me before, why was this time different? I was upset because I did not understand, and even if they were to explain it to me, I was too young to comprehend. But they knew better than I. If I had gotten what I wanted, it could have been truly life-threatening. 
I imagine this is how it is with our Savior and Heavenly Father. They want so badly to give us what we desire. However, they see more of our story than we do. Just like my mother, I am sure our Father weeps as He has to tell us “no", or "not right now”.  
Prayer is not meant to align God’s will to ours, but rather our will to God’s. We should not pray demanding to receive but instead pray to understand what is happening in our lives and why. If you aren’t happy with certain aspects in your life, try praying for  strength to endure and for understanding.  

How can you improve your prayers this week? 
How can praying bring you closer to Christ? 
What experiences in your life have you had with prayer?
Search “PRAYER” in the Topical Guide and Bible Dictionary.

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