Sunday, July 27, 2014


Post Written by: MARY || graphics: BE WISE ART
There is a big but underestimated difference between being humble, and being insecure. Putting yourself down does not make you humble. Being a teenage girl I am often surrounded by judgmental statements. There are self put-downs and peer put-downs. Both in my mind are triggered by lack of confidence. It seems to be obvious that this lack of confidence will not bring happiness to yourself or others, yet we still use it as a main tactic to make ourselves to look "better" than others. 
People also often use this tactic of pointing out their own flaws to attract "heartfelt" compliments that are really just dry words to remove the insecurity from the conversation. We all seem to understand this concept, but putting it into action is a completely different story.  
Among the people who rely on compliments to "mend" insecurities, there are the over confident/"cocky" people that aren't satisfied with simply liking themselves for who they are, but they have to prove it to others as well. Although BE WISE strives and pushes towards self-approval and confidence in yourself, we don't want to create the thought that being a self-centered and "full of yourself" person is ok. 
In the book "How To Win Friends And Influence People", it clearly states that if you want to have friends and be "popular" you must first be kind. If you speak kindly about others and compliment the good in them, not just the people you know but in everyone, people will feel happy and confident in themselves when they are with you. This in turn creates a bond that keeps them coming back. 
Not only does this work with others, but if you can compliment yourself and realize how good you really are, you will be happier and more confident in no time. Just now be sure to keep your lovely self-confidence to yourself and instead of being shared through your words, it will radiate through your actions and personality. 

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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Today is a super exciting day because I get to introduce Mary, my little sister and best friend as the newest addition to BE WISE The Blog. She is by far the most energetic and positive little human I have ever met. I am beyond thrilled about all that she will offer to BE WISE. Get excited my friends, get excited! 
To learn more about Mary click HERE.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


I often sit back and wonder if I am actually making a difference with BE WISE. I wonder if it's really worth all the time and effort I spend working on it. And then, I have days like today. Days where I know without a doubt that it has been worth it. 
I received a message on Facebook from a girl whom I have never met. In the message she told me about how she just recently finished reading the last issue of BE WISE Magazine. She went on to say, "I feel that your positivity towards everything inspires me to be more than what I am... I look forward to reading those articles for an extra kick start/boost in my day." 
What this girl didn't know was that for the past couple of months I have actually been contemplating whether or not I want to continue blogging and creating BE WISE Magazine. As much as I love it, I never realized just how much time and effort it would require.  After nearly three years of working on BE WISE I still go back and forth concerning exactly what I want it to be. I may not know what the future holds, but after drafting this post in my mind for over a month now, I feel I know what I want for BE WISE, at least for right now. 
For a time I balanced BE WISE The Blog and BE WISE Magazine with work along with being a full time student. When I graduated from the University of Utah over a year ago I was convinced I would have the time to commit to making BE WISE a success. What I didn't take into consideration was how much time and energy my new job would require. However, somehow I managed to make it work. 
Just over a week ago, however, some things changed... I landed my dream job. I was promoted at the high school I currently work at. I now have a big kid office (in the main office I might add) and real responsibilities. These new changes will be requiring quite a bit more of my time. 
So, what does this mean for BE WISE? 
That, my friends, is where I am not exactly sure. Up until today, I was determined that I would have to take a break from all of it for awhile. That would mean no more blogging and no more magazine. I was feeling rather content with my decision convinced that no one would really notice the absence of BE WISE anyway. 
Then, I got that message. The message that reminded me of all the other thoughtful and supportive messages I have received from countless people. 
I may not have the biggest following. In fact, I know that I don't. And you know what? That is okay. I didn't start BE WISE with the intentions to become famous or make money or get tons of free product. I started BE WISE to make a difference. If all I ever did was make a difference for that one sweet girl who decided to let me know through Facebook that my magazine had inspired her, then I have been a success. And a great success at that. 
That one kind thought from a perfect stranger has given me the motivation and even the courage to continue on with my passion and creating BE WISE. She had no idea when she sent it that it would have such a huge impact on me. I may still have to change a few things in order to make time for all that I will have going on in my life, but one thing is for sure, I will not quit BE WISE.   

C H A L L E N G E: 
Go out and spread kindness. You have no idea the positive impact you are capable of having in someone else's life. Let someone know how much they mean to you. Give someone a compliment.Send a kind text or email or message or letter. The possibilities are endless. 
When has an act of kindness changed your life?

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Friday, July 11, 2014


This last week I had the pleasure of spending a few days with my family in Yellowstone. It was nice to be able to get away and just enjoy time with my family. As I was there I couldn't help but take pictures of nearly everything. It was gorgeous. 
As I marveled at the beautiful world around me, much of which was completely mind-boggling, I began to feel overwhelmed by the love of our Heavenly Father. I was completely in awe by His beautiful creations. Rarely do I take the time to step back and truly admire this world that He created for us. 
Now, if God was willing to put the time into creating this beautiful Earth for us to enjoy, don't you think He put just as much, and even more effort into creating you? You are His child. His crowning creation. Sometimes we forget to take the time to step back and admire the beauty that God created within each of us. Take the time necessary to find the beauty God created in you. I promise you it's there.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." -Confucius 

What can you do today to start recognizing the beauty within yourself?

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Sunday, July 6, 2014


All my life I have been taught that if I am ever struggling or in need of anything, all I have to do is pray, and Heavenly Father will take care of me. That is such a lovely thought and while I do believe it wholeheartedly, I think at times people, myself included, get confused by exactly what that might entail. For some reason we believe that if we pray and live right, everything will be easy, we won't have any trials, and any hardship we might encounter will be lifted away. 
The scriptures teach us in Mosiah 24 what we can expect from the Lord in times of need. 

In verse 13 it teaches us that the Lord will come to us in our afflictions, meaning we are not alone and do not need to get through everything by ourselves. He has "covenanted" - promised, that he will deliver us from "bondage" - whatever trials we are going through. Verse 13 also teaches us that He expects us to "Lift up our heads and be of good comfort." Even when we are struggling, the Lord expects us to be positive and optimistic. He WANTS us to be happy. 

Verse 14 says, "I will also ease the burdens that are put upon your shoulders, that you cannot feel them upon your backs, even while you are in bondage." No where in that verse does it say anything about taking the burdens away. Instead, the Lord promises to ease them while you are "in bondage". 

"The burdens that were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease." (Verse 15) Just like Alma and his brethren, the Lord will make your burdens light. Again, this does not mean they will be removed. He will simply give you the strength necessary to get through them. 
Verse 15 continues, "And they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord." How often, in times of trial and heartache, are we cheerful? How often in times of hardship are we patient to ALL the will of the Lord? This is what He expects of us and He will never expect anything of us that is not possible to accomplish. 

The last verse says, "Be of good comfort,  for on the morrow I will deliver you out of bondage." The Lord wants us to trust that He will deliver us. He expects us to "be of good comfort". He explains to Alma that he will deliver him "on the morrow". He doesn't say today, or right this second. Alma has to be patient and wait for the Lord's timing. While God is capable of doing anything at any time, He often prolongs the process to teach us patience and trust in His timing. 
The Lord promised to deliver them "on the morrow",  AND HE DID. Just as He delivered Alma and his brethren, He will deliver you. Trust in His timing. Don't expect your trials to simply be removed, but rather allow Him to give you the strength necessary to get through them. Be patient, cheerful and of good comfort. Trust in ALL the will of the Lord. He knows the way and He will never lead you astray.   

When has the Lord strengthened you and made your burdens light? 
What can you do differently in order to be cheerful, patient and of good comfort during your own trials?

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Thursday, July 3, 2014


I have honestly LOVED reading all the submissions for the "What Beauty Means To You" contest! I am currently working on making a few changes with BE WISE Magazine and instead of doing one large Fall issue like we have done in the past I am going to start doing "Mini Mags" that are smaller but published more frequently. I am super excited about what is in store for BE WISE.   
That being said, I am opening up the contest for one more month so more people have a chance to be featured. Not only is this an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on beauty, I will be offering full features for those who win. This means you get to promote your own blog, business, or whatever wonderful things you might be working on if you are chosen.   
For more information about how to enter click HERE. 
G O O D  L U C K!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Far too often I find myself thinking, "This would be a great Instagram post opportunity." or, "Oh this will make for an excellent blog post." Now, there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, however, I shouldn't be living my life based on what will "look good" out in the social media world.   
I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way. I'm sure every "blogger", "IGer", "Facebooker", and "Tweeter" has thought this way at least once.  It's natural to want to post about the greatest aspects of our lives for everyone to see. This might not seem like a big deal, but it's a little scary to me for two reasons:
REASON #1: Social media is essentially a highlight reel. 
Think about it, for the most part, anyone who posts anything out in social media is most likely posting the best of what they have. The best photo from their glorious vacation. The best part of their day. Their best selfie. What we don't see are the 35 other selfies that it took before they got that best one. We most likely won't see the worst parts about someone else's life. They won't be posting that. All we have to compare our lives to theirs are the best parts of their life, to everything we know about our own. This can easily make us become discouraged. Suddenly, everything that we have and everything that we are just isn't enough. When in reality, if we knew everything (not just the "highlights") about everyone we were comparing ourselves too, we would be far more satisfied with our own lives. 
REASON #2: We forget to live. 
How many times have you watched a spectacular firework show only to realize you were watching it through your tiny cell phone screen as to be sure to "capture the moment". Maybe that exact scenario has never happened to you. However, I'm sure there have been plenty of times where you have gotten so caught up in "capturing the moment" to be sure you can show everyone what a great life you have, and in doing so, you failed to simply live your great life.  
SOLUTION: Get out and Live
When was the last time you left your home without your trusty cell phone? (intentionally I might add...) How long can you go without scrolling through your "news feed" or checking your latest notifications? 
This summer I have tried to be more conscious of how "plugged in" I am to social media and how dependent I am on my cell phone. It's embarrassing for me to even admit that I used to not even want to go downstairs to get something to eat without taking my cell phone... you know... just in case I got an important text, or wanted to see what everyone else was eating for lunch based on their most recent Instagram post. I found myself turning to my cell phone in times of boredom, mindlessly scrolling away. 
Instead of immediately turing to your devices or using every opportunity possible to post your life on social media, GET OUT AND LIVE. Intentionally leave your cell phone at home when you run to the store. Sound a little scary? Trust me when I tell you, instead of being scary, it is liberating, even empowering. 
You have a beautiful life, but I'll bet you are losing sight of how wonderful it truly is because you are so consumed with watching everyone else's life unfold on Instagram. 
CHALLENGE: I challenge you to limit your social media time and work on leaving your cell phone behind. As you do so, watch to see if your happiness and even confidence increases. I'll bet that it does!   
How do you balance your life with social media?