Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Griffin Wood Tones are seriously so awesome! The second I pulled them out of the package my brother was begging to keep them. Not only are they super sleek, you can use the control mic just like the “home button” on your iPhone to use Siri. You can even answer and end calls with these headphones. The “one size fits all” headband makes these extra comfortable for anyone. They come in different shades and styles so you are bound to find one that you personally love. 
Check them out HERE and let me know what you think! 
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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Recently I had two very simple experiences that had a very profound impact on me. 
The first experience took place at a Bee’s Baseball game. I was invited by a friend to with her and her ward. I felt a little bit out of my comfort zone. I mean, it wasn’t my ward and I wouldn’t know anyone. But still I was excited and I went. As soon as we arrived to the group, I heard my name called out. I looked up and it was a friend of mine that I hadn’t seen for awhile. Just a few short seconds later my name was called again by another friend who I had recently met. Both seemed genuinely happy to see me.   
Now, I am sure you are reading this thinking... “Really Ceciley? That’s it? That sort of thing happens all the time.”  And while that might be true, this time was different for me. It was different because those girls had no idea that I had already been slightly nervous to come. They had no idea that I had already been having a less than fantastic day. Most importantly, they had no idea that simply yelling my name and being excited to see me had a dramatic impact on the rest of my night.   
Experience number two happened about a month ago when I got a letter in the mail from one of my “Featured Bloggers” from the last issue of BE WISE Magazine. The letter was handmade and simply expressed how thankful she was to have been featured in my magazine. Once again, this girl had no idea how much I needed that simple gesture. Just one week prior I had been feeling really discouraged about the magazine and even a little burned out. I wondered if it was really making a difference. It can be really hard spending hundreds of hours producing a magazine if you feel like it isn’t making an impact. When I received her letter it was honestly like an answer to prayer. 
All three of these girls did something very simple, yet all three had a huge impact on me. Simply being recognized as I showed up to a baseball game changed my entire attitude and outlook on that night. Receiving a letter in the mail (not a text or an email) showed true and sincere gratitude. The fact that this sweet girl took the time to make a card and actually mail it to my house meant the world to me. 
With these two experiences I learned how much kindness really matters but also how easy it is to potentially make someone’s day. I challenge you to look for ways to be kind to others. Show them that you really genuinely care. Let someone know that you appreciate them. You might not know how much good it will do. 
When has a simple act of kindness had a profound impact on you?

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Thursday, July 23, 2015


And just like that, my littlest brother is off to serve the Lord.  It truly seems like it was just yesterday that he received his call to serve a mission in El Salvador and Belize. If you have sent a missionary off before then I am sure you understand how difficult it can be. I truly feel like a piece of my heart is missing. However, at the same time, I honestly couldn’t be more proud. There isn’t a more ready or prepared missionary out there than my sweet little brother.
I recently heard an absolutely incredible poem that perfectly describes what my brother will be going through for the next two years. He is going to encounter very difficult days. He will likely have days where he will really struggle and even feel alone. Sometimes our daily lives can be that way too. We have days that truly hurt. 
However, even in our darkest times, we are never truly alone. There is one who has felt every pain we will ever endure. He has truly been where we are. Christ knows. He has suffered for us so that we can become perfected in Him. 
While I will desperately miss my brother I know this is where he needs to be. I have been so blessed to have the knowledge I have. I get to be with the incredible people  I call my family for eternity and now my little brother gets to go and bring that good news to the people of El Salvador and Belize. The Gospel is truly such a beautiful thing. It is everything. I am such a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I owe everything I am to the knowledge I have.   
If you are feeling lost, hurt, confused, alone, or experiencing any amount of pain, I can promise you that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring you refuge. I know my sweet brother wouldn’t have left his life and his family for two years if it wasn’t true. If the gospel didn’t truly change lives, my brother wouldn’t have given up everything here at home to go and share it with others.   
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is TRUE. There is nothing in this world that will bring more happiness than the knowledge that the gospel brings and living its principles. Christ lives. He knows you and He loves you. He suffered for YOU. Individually. Whatever you are experiencing, He has been there before. Turn to Him and trust that He will hold you up in your times of need. 
(If you haven’t already clicked the link above and read the poem, you can read it HERE).  

Adios Little Brother. See you in two. 

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Monday, July 20, 2015


If you are anything like me, you have a personal “wishlist” that goes far beyond those shoes you can’t seem to get off your mind.  This list might contain dreams that seem difficult to obtain, along with the deepest desires of your heart.  This is a list that might not be often shared with others, but rather held quietly in your own thoughts. 
Whatever these dreams and wishes might be, there is one fool proof way to obtain them. And lucky for you, I am sharing that plan TODAY!  If you are ready to learn how YOU can receive ALL that you wish to obtain, read on. If you aren’t ready for all that, stop reading now. 

Glad you decided to keep reading! Now for the “fool proof plan”!  


In 1 Nephi 7:12-13 this fool proof plan of obtaining what we desire is revealed. In verse 12 it explains that "the Lord is able to do all things”. Right there we learn that there is literally NOTHING He cannot do. So if your dreams and desires seem impossible, just keep in mind that NOTHING is impossible with God.   


The verse goes on by saying “according to his will for the children of men”. Notice how it says, “his will”.  It doesn’t say your will. Here is the catch: If your desires do not line up with those of our Heavenly Father, it is likely He might not provide them for you. Can you imagine our Father in Heaven “blessing” people with unrighteous desires? That simply won’t happen. In order to obtain everything you desire, your desires must be in line with God’s will. When you have a complete understanding that His will is simply YOUR happiness; true, genuine happiness, you realize this isn’t as hard as it seems.


But what if your desires ARE righteous and you still don’t seem to be obtaining them? Well, the answer is simple. Either, 1. It is simply not the right time. Or, 2. God has something else in store for you.  It is important to remember that His plan is far better than our plan. Read more on that HERE


Throughout these two verses, it mentions being faithful or having faith three different times. I don’t know about you, but for me that is a clear sign that God expects us to have faith in Him. This plan simply will not work if you do not have faith that it will. Trust that God is aware of you and wants nothing more than for you to be happy. 


The scriptures often refer to “the land of promise”. Now if you are looking to move, this might directly apply to you. If not, good news, it still applies! “The land of promise” is more than just a physical piece of land. In fact, the land of promise could literally translate into “______” (fill in the blank)  whatever you wish to obtain. Cool right? 

There you have it! A fool proof plan of obtaining everything you desire. Simply remember that NOTHING is impossible with God, align your will to His will, remember His plan is better than your plan, have faith, and you WILL obtain the “land of promise”. 

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Friday, July 17, 2015


The second I discovered Bly Designs, I knew I had to have some of their stunning gems. Each piece is made by hand and so incredibly lovely. Check them out! You won’t regret it!

• • • • • 
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Thursday, July 16, 2015


This summer, my husband and I filled up a storage unit, packed a few suitcases, and moved to San Francisco. We knew almost nobody here and were initially homeless - it has been the greatest adventure! But our time here has been littered with hardships - ranging from loneliness, to just plain unfamiliarity. The biggest hardship, surprisingly, has been learning to respond to hate. 

I started a brand new job, wide-eyed, excited, and ready to learn, and was immediately hit with a wave of dislike and negativity - most of it stemming from my religion and stereotypes associated with it. I was so taken aback by the mean jokes and rude questions that I often just stood silent, unaware of how to react. 
After a few days (and a few waves of tears), I called a girlfriend and complained about the teasing. "These people are SO mean, I would never treat anyone this way." I told her. Moving to a brand new place had really shaken my confidence, and so the hate had really shaken me to my core. I decided that they were all callused jerks, with their pre-set opinions and their dirty mouths. I decided I would transcend their bad behavior. 
Although that wasn't the worst approach, my cold exterior prevented me from making relationships with anyone at work. Sure, their teasing slowed and didn't hurt as much, but I had isolated myself by passing judgment on them and deciding that they were just mean.
Shutting myself off emotionally still didn't make me happy - and so I prayed for strength with my situation. Miraculously, I slowly started to feel a measure of love for my co-workers! I started to forgive them for their harsh remarks, for the way that they made me feel initially. I started to respond to their criticism with smiles, and then the criticism just went away. 

I started to notice parts of their personalities that I genuinely liked. Asking questions helped me learn more about their lives and who they were underneath the exterior. I was able to compartmentalize our differing views and appreciate each person for their wit, their good habits, or their help. I even began to consider some of them my friends. Work became enjoyable! I realized that my first impression wasn't necessarily representative of their personalities. 
Were they mean? Yeah, they were. But nobody is out of the realm of forgiveness, and if we are willing to forgive, our lives can be 110% easier. 
Sometimes people ARE just mean, and it's not always realistic to expect that, in time, everyone will come to love you. But I think if we give people a few extra chances, and pray to truly find love in our hearts for them, that we can learn to love everyone - EVEN our haters. 

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Highlighters are one of my all time favorite beauty products. I honestly don’t know how I went so long without knowing about them. These products have light-reflecting particles that help to enhance your favorite features. You can emphasize areas of your face where the sun naturally highlights with bronzers, illuminators and highlighters. 
The different places I use highlighters are: right underneath the arches of my eyebrows, my forehead, inner corners of my eyes, bridge of my nose, right above my lips (cupid’s bow), and my cheekbones.  
Below are a few of my very favorites highlighters and illuminators. I love these particular products because they don’t leave my face looking sparkly or too shiny, but instead they help create a pretty, dewy, and contoured look. I honestly keep back ups of these products in case I run out. I love them that much! Check them out and let me know what you think! 
1. NARS Highlighting Blush  •  2. The Body Shop Radiant Highlighter  •  3. VS Pro Magic FX Radient Flash Brightening Cream  •  4. Benefit Watt’s Up!  •  5. NARS Copacabana Illuminator
What are your favorite Highlighting and illuminating products?

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